Premiere: The Tender Ache of Michael Burrows’ Bittersweet “Please Don’t Cry”

Sonically reminiscent of Oasis and The Beatles, Michael Burrows’ tender breakup song “Please Don’t Cry” aches with heartfelt and affectionate emotion.

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There’s no right way to end a relationship, but if you happen to be in the market and are looking for a clean breakup, consider Michael Burrows’ “Please Don’t Cry.” Sonically reminiscent of Oasis and The Beatles, Michael Burrows’ tender breakup song “Please Don’t Cry” aches with heartfelt and affectionate emotion.

i caught you staring,
i’ve seen that look before
in this crowded place
i’m looking for the door
cover band has started playing
last goodbye
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry
Please Don't Cry - Michael Burrows
Please Don’t Cry – Michael Burrows

Parting truly is such sweet sorrow. Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Please Don’t Cry,” Michael Burrows’ debut release and the lead single off his upcoming EP, Turn This Love Around. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Burrows is (to say the very least) a triple threat: The filmmaker, singer/songwriter, and radio scorer has already begun making a name for himself as an opener for Martha Wainwright on her latest tour.

Influenced by artists like The Beatles, The Eagles, and Wilco, Burrows’ music has a timelessly classic pop/rock sound: His art bears significant meaning, and with the help of some of music’s finest producers and engineers, Burrows has brought his vision to life in a dynamic style.

Michael Burrows © 2018
Michael Burrows © DS Images – Dean Schmideg
i would be lying
if i said i was thinking of you
all your father’s words
are suddenly ringing true
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry
she loves me too

“‘Please Don’t Cry’ was one of those songs that fell from the sky almost fully formed within 30 minutes,” Michael Burrows tells Atwood Magazine. “I was listening to a lot of Buddy Holly at the time and was always envious at his ability to convey such emotion and heartache within what seemed like a simple, three minute pop song. I had the title, “Please Don’t Cry,” in my head for a few days and in the early hours of the morning I started imagining a couple sitting in a crowded, noisy bar with the guy trying to find a way to finish the relationship without wanting to cause a scene. I got to record an early version of this song with my musical hero Neil Finn (Crowded House, Fleetwood Mac) singing harmonies on it, and one day I’ll definitely release it, but I was so blown away by that experience and Neil’s generosity that I just didn’t know how to share it. It was really special and totally validated me as an artist.”

Burrows continues, “The version on this EP was recorded in Nashville, TN at Ocean Way studios and produced by Grammy award winner Frank Myers (“I Swear”) and Jimmy Nichols (Reba McEntire, Faith Hill) and mixed by Steve Marcantonio (John Lennon, Taylor Swift). The EP version has a lot of energy with a hint of that beautiful Nashville tone and spirit flowing throughout it. I’m really proud of the sound and overall feel. The song has already been getting some great attention from radio in Australia and the US, and we’re really excited to share the video. The video was directed by Chris Benz from BRAVE and edited by Dylan Perry from Momentum. We shot the bulk of it in a very strange basement on the fringes of Melbourne city. There’s also some great Nashville footage we captured in a 30 minute Uber ride with places like Printer Alley and the main street through downtown Nashville – Broadway, where all the “honky tonks” are – popping up. It really ties it all together as a song made with the spirit of two cities.”

In addition to capturing two cities, Burrows’ “Please Don’t Cry” video brings to life the intimacy and intensity of that last goodbye. Stills of individual people enhance the vulnerability of such a raw, emotional moment, while shots of Burrows alone and with his band offer a chance for the audience to connect directly with him – to appreciate his music from another perspective. With as much affection and love as a breakup can have, “Please Don’t Cry” manages to create a meaningful, while still bittersweet, sendoff.

i know you’re waiting,
for some apology
and when you see that photograph
remember it’s just me
yeah they say that love
will find you
when you don’t try
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry,
please don’t cry

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Please Don't Cry - Michael Burrows

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