Premiere: Matt Westerman’s “Don’t Give Up On You” Evokes Inner Strength and Beauty

Matt Westerman © 2017
Matt Westerman © 2017
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Life is not easy: It will throw its punches hard and fast, and you’re not going to be able to dodge and deflect them all. No one is safe from pain and hurt, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel. Matt Westerman’s heartfelt “Don’t Give Up On You” is a constant reminder to hold our heads tall and stay strong, no matter what comes our way.

My friend you seem tired,
a little uninspired, stuck out of tune
You keep dragging your ass through
the mud of your past,
of course you feel blue
Listen: “Don’t Give Up On You” – Matt Westerman

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Don’t Give Up On You,” the sophomore single off Matt Westerman’s upcoming debut EP Life Out Loud (independently out November 10, 2017). Based out of Southern California, singer/songwriter Matt Westerman evokes the warmth of his surroundings as well as a deeper, internal heat – one based in love and kindness. “Don’t Give Up On You” is the epitome of the outstreched hand, a lively and impassioned assertion of inner strength and persistence.

Don't Give Up On You - Matt Westerman
Don’t Give Up On You – Matt Westerman
I know it’s hard when
the pain of your scars keeps seeping through
Please disregard them,
then you could see yourself the way I do
Don’t give up on you now
It may not be clear how
you’re gonna break out
I swear on it
Don’t give up on you yet
You’re gonna pull through it
Yeah it’s a sure bet
I’m tellin you

Because we don’t always know what we’re capable of, and we don’t always believe in ourselves. Sometimes, we need someone to remind us of just how special and great we are – and there are few better cures than the healing power of song. “Don’t Give Up On You is a song about believing in yourself and not letting your inner critic or other people’s opinions drag you down,” Westerman shares. “It is about tapping into the beauty of who you really are and owning it.”

My friend you say lately
you’ve been feelin daily all stuck in your head
But to me you sound crazy,
cause you always amaze
when you let loose instead
I know it’s rough cause you’ve
just spent enough time feeling down
But if you start looking up,
you’ll feel all this love and will turn things around

But if you start looking up, you’ll feel all this love and will turn things around,” Westerman sings, his sweet voice weighed down by a desire to heal and help. It’s a raw, unabashed attempt to support those in need – something truly special, a notion we should all emulate during these particularly grim times (click here for ways to aid Puerto Rico).

Matt Westerman balances warmth with grace; “Don’t Give Up On You” is neither too sugary nor too serious, a finely felt out piece of musical poetry that comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. Add this to your feel good playlist, and enjoy this next wave of singer/songwriter-y goodness, exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Don't Give Up On You - Matt Westerman

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