Premiere: Eloise Viola Won’t “Wait in Line” in Empowering New Pop Anthem

A buoyant and empowering pop anthem, Eloise Viola’s “Wait in Line” rejects the players and hater with a fun groove and tropical allure.

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If someone has to think hard on whether they want to be with you or not, they’re not worth your time: This is the bright and shining message of Eloise Viola’s electrifying new song. A buoyant and empowering pop anthem, “Wait in Line” rejects the players and hater with a fun groove and tropical allure.

Wait in Line - Eloise Viola art
Wait in Line – Eloise Viola
Tell me  what’s on your mind
because you seem distracted lately
I see  there’s somebody else
by the way that you’re acting around me
You’re always on your phone
Whenever it’s just us together
Why is she still calling?
We can’t be on our own
My friends say
I could do much better
This the final warning

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video to “Wait in Line,” the last single from Eloise Viola (independently released September 6, 2019). A London-based singer/songwriter with a big pop flare, Viola introduced herself last year through debut single “For My Eyes,” and has been steadily on the up and up ever since. “Wait in Line” is the artist’s latest banger, a flamboyant flirtation full of lively singing, pulsing instrumentation, and a dancefloor beat.

“‘Wait in Line’ is a fun dance track about refusing to be second best, saying what you want and not looking to somebody else to decide what happens to you,” Eloise Viola tells Atwood Magazine. She sings passionately in the chorus:

Ooh coz if you need to choose
you’re gonna lose me
I aint gonna waste my time
I aint gonna waste my time
Ooh coz if you need to choose
you’re gonna lose me
I wont wait in line
Eloise Viola - Wait in Line
Eloise Viola – Wait in Line

Directed by Chip Phillips, Viola’s music video is a dynamic embrace of modern female and feminine identity. “The video is about breaking out of historically typical ‘female roles’, and not waiting around for a man. Although it is a bit of fun and tongue in cheek, it is about releasing and embracing when you deserve better, and not being afraid to say what you want and how you want to be treated – and I think that is really important.”

Through her music and video, Viola blends the sexy and sensual with the thoughtful and colorful. A scrabble board depicts prototypical words used largely against women; she’s in an empty bed, or dancing around the laundromat in wait. Yet each of these scenarios is slightly skewed toward the new reality she’s projected through song: Her tiles read “times up”, she ultimately tears up the bed pillows, and so on. Every scenario encourages us to own our identities, and to live life in an unapologetic fashion.

Eloise Viola is continuing to burst onto the scene. An independent pop artist, her music is polished, fine-tuned, and presented in fully-formed ideas. She has some of the sounds and feels of Dua Lipa, Charlie XCX, or Zara Larsson, yet her vivacious attitude and expressive vocalizations are hers alone. She owns the stage, just as she controls the conversation in “Wait in Line.”

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Wait in Line - Eloise Viola art

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