Wild Pink’s New Wavey “Air Drumming Fix You” Leads Their Lush, Richly Crafted Surprise EP, ‘Strawberry Eraser’

Wild Pink © Fire Talk
Wild Pink © Fire Talk
With warm brass and a rich undercurrent tinged with hints of new wave groove, Wild Pink push the boundaries once again on their surprise EP’s lead single, “Air Drumming Fix You.”
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Prolific has always been an apt word to describe Wild Pink, the upstate-via-Brooklyn-and-Queens project founded by songwriting virtuoso John Ross.

One of the more acclaimed indie bands to come out of the city in some time, Wild Pink have built a rich sonic world across three full-length LPs, but it seems that Wild Pink have been around far longer and put out far more music than just three albums.

That sentiment holds true with the surprise release last week of new EP Strawberry Eraser, which carries on the band’s penchant for one-off singles and EP drops, like 2021’s Florida or 3 Songs.

Strawberry Eraser - Wild Pink
Strawberry Eraser – Wild Pink

The fact that each of these EPs contain tracks that any band would be proud to release as singles (much less on a full-length record) is impressive, to say the least. Like the rest of Wild Pink’s critically acclaimed discography, even one-of-a-kind releases are lovingly layered and crafted, and even a touch humorous and certainly introspective.

Consider “Air Drumming Fix You” another entry into that canon, with an earworm of a sound that merges touches of ‘80s new wave with characteristically warm guitar and even brass.

It’s also the longest song on the 3-song Strawberry Eraser EP, clocking in at over 5 minutes (the EP itself is about nine-and-a-half minutes).

Wild Pink © Fire Talk
Wild Pink © Fire Talk

The sonic world and expansion of Wild Pink’s sound continues apace on Strawberry Eraser – Wild Pink aren’t afraid to experiment within the framework of previous releases, but the boundary becomes evermore blurry (in a pleasing way).

Ross has spoken in the past of a sort of wellspring of creativity, and given that the band’s last full-length album dropped in 2022, it might not be too much of a stretch to say much more music could be on the way soon.

Around the time of the release of the positively excellent ILYSM, Ross spoke candidly with Atwood Magazine about his battle with cancer, the realities of touring and making meaningful art all the while. Add Strawberry Eraser to the roster of wonderful Wild Pink releases.

Wild Pink's John Ross Talks Gorgeous New LP 'ILYSM,' Beating Cancer, & the Frightening Realities of Touring


Suffice to say, Ross & co. don’t take any of the above lightly, be it gratitude and the ability to keep making music or the chance to perfect even a seemingly simple three-song EP.

Even now, fans are clamoring to buy a vinyl reissue of the band’s somewhat more rocked-out, emo-tinged self-titled debut (some have compared it to early Death Cab for Cutie, but Wild Pink are almost singular, even when delivering a more plugged-in sound).

For good measure, 2018’s exceptional, stellar Yolk In The Fur continues to draw new converts. It’s complete with a dedication to Tom Petty himself and an enticing sound that personifies modern “heartland rock” (as varied as the category might be).

For those curious about getting a real-life glimpse of Wild Pink in action, keep an eye out for an ongoing late March and early April tour with Sun June – if this writer’s experience is any indication, Wild Pink are worth catching in concert (and that’s an understatement).

And while this latest EP defies convention from fans who might only think of Wild Pink as “heartland rock,” it’s certainly another welcome entry into a catalog packed with future (and current) classics, if only you keep your ears open.

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Stream: ‘Strawberry Eraser’ EP – Wild Pink

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Strawberry Eraser - Wild Pink

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