Premiere: LA’s MOONZz Breaks Free in Hard-Hitting “Runnin'” Music Video

MOONZz © Jennica Abrams
MOONZz © Jennica Abrams
Electrifying electronic beats, powerfully confident vocals, and hard-hitting visuals help LA’s MOONZz tackle delicate themes in her new track “Runnin’.”
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It was important to me that it touched on relevant issues like abuse of power in the workplace or domestic violence in the home – real, visceral, emotive themes that many people experience and struggle with on the daily.

Los Angeles songstress MOONZz is a dynamic, delightfully brazen and tactful artist who evokes feelings of power and confidence with her music. Addressing domestic violence and power abuse in her new single “Runnin’,” her strength and tact prove motivational, allowing MOONZz to tackle visceral emotions with the perfect level of sensitivity and urgency.

Runnin - MOONZz
Runnin – MOONZz
I’ve been cut down like a diamond
Tryin’ to move with the lightning
Always been quick on my toes
Follow where the chaos goes
Not keeping up, but I’m trying

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the new music video for “Runnin’” by MOONZz, the artist moniker for Los Angeles singer/songwriter Molly Williams. Released as a single on February 10 via Big Noise Music Group, “Runnin'” arrives as the lead single off MOONZz’s new EP, Modern Ritual (out March 6th). Modern Ritual is the third EP from this talented vocalist and songwriter, and follows on from 2016’s Trust Cycles and 2018’s Aftershock. Modern Ritual has big shoes to fill as its predecessors gained MOONZz praise from Billboard and Vice, a performance slot at the world-famous Coachella Festival, and multiple Victoria’s Secret campaigns. As the first track from Modern Ritual, “Runnin’” sets an exciting, relevant, and empowering tone, which is sure to continue throughout the EP.

MOONZz © Jennica Abrams
MOONZz © Jennica Abrams

Directed by Nick Andrews and MOONZz, the “Runnin'” video begins with two separate clips, both featuring noticeably pensive women. Then, a doll-like MOONZz appears behind a show curtain, tied to puppet strings, and wearing a chained necklace. Airy vocals and an atmospheric beat accompany the distinctive visuals as the women’s stories unravel. Two men are then introduced, and one reaches out to grasp one of the women’s shoulders. This gesture is subtle but unnerving; much like many displays of power abuse. The video pans back to MOONZz, who launches forward, whilst still attached to strings like a puppet, as the anthemic chorus bursts into action.

Been hard but I’m making it through
This heart is almost faded
Tough love gonna leave a bruise
But I’m not done, I’m not done runnin’
Too high but it’s nothing new
Not sure my heart can take it
Truth is all I can do is keep on runnin’ keep on runnin’

Just as the chorus comes to its end, the video returns its focus to the two women. Ropes, similar to those holding MOONZz in her marionette-like state, begin to creep their way over one woman’s shoulder; a visual metaphor for the imprisonment many power abuse victims feel. Next, the two women sing to the camera with determined expressions; something is going to change.

Not like I thought it was easy
Nothing can stop me from dreaming
Rather keep momentum up
Than to settle with the dust
Hope that it’s not only fleeting

The chorus explodes once again, this time the video shows ropes entangling the second woman and the man who initially grasped her shoulders stands behind her again; this time he plays with her hair. It is now obvious that they are in a working setting; making his behaviour all-the-more inappropriate and distressing. Clips of MOONZz, who is still controlled by puppet strings, run concurrently throughout the chorus. At one point, a set of hands cover her mouth as if to try and quieten her voice – but nothing will stop her.

Speaking to Atwood Magazine, MOONZz explains that she “really wanted to showcase the theme of struggle and breakthrough in the “Runnin’’ music video.” She continues, “It was important to me that it touched on relevant issues like abuse of power in the workplace or domestic violence in the home – real, visceral, emotive themes that many people experience and struggle with on the daily. I’m humbled to share this video with you. Please share your stories of struggle and breakthrough with me and the world.”

Got no time for second-guessing
Only seeing where I’m headed
Got no time for second-guessing
Only seeing where I’m headed

Once the second chorus ends and the bridge begins, the other man is properly introduced. He wakes and approaches his partner from behind; nothing has happened yet, but the nervous look on her face has clear implications. As the breathy bridge comes to an end, the woman pushes the man away from her before all three women, including MOONZz, face the camera in a powerful split-screen moment.

The chorus starts again, and the man forcibly grabs his partner in an attempt to assault her, but she bravely hits him away using a heavy object and escapes his grasp. Meanwhile, MOONZz breaks free from her puppet strings and the other male packs up his desk after an implied firing. At this moment, each woman is free of the ropes and empowered by freedom.

The lyrical and visual content of “Runnin’” is intensely emotive, handled with care, and very real for an unfortunately large number of people.

With this video, MOONZz demonstrates her empathy and understanding of the turbulent circumstances many people face. The abuse of power, whether by a man or woman, is dangerous and the “Runnin’” music video portrays the struggle of breaking free in an undeniably artistic and sensitive way.

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Stream: “Runnin'” – MOONZz

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Runnin - MOONZz

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