EP Premiere: Neu Yeuth Shimmer in Debut Self-Titled EP

Neu Youth © Úna Blue
Neu Youth © Úna Blue
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Seattle transplants Claire Grayson and Huntington Filson make up the electro-pop group Neu Yeuth; and they say it all started with a Craigslist ad back in 2015. On Friday July 14th, their debut self-titled EP will be released on Freakout Records, but Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the project today: It’s one that swims and sinks with bubbling synths and evocative lyrical tales.

Listen: Neu Yeuth EP – Neu Yeuth
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Despite being only three (to four) songs in length, Neu Yeuth fill the small canvas with ear-tingling hooks and the story of a blossoming relationship worth taking a chance on. “Make a Move” opens with keyboard synths reminiscent of CHVRCHES until the duo’s voices enter with a fluid luminosity. The melody is brimming with fluttering accents of the butterflies that accompany meeting someone new and the pulsing hesitations of taking the risk.

Watch: “Make a Move” – Neu Yeuth

Neu Yeuth EP
Neu Yeuth EP
I’ve never been here before
I’ve never had a reason not to
Self-destruct, self-sabotage
You’re an anomaly  – I think
I’m in danger here I think
I’m a stranger here – Oh I feel strange
– “Make a Move,” Neu Yeuth

According to the band, the song “came to be after a rough attempt at a relationship that never panned out. It’s about overwhelming frustration when someone won’t meet you halfway. It’s funny how we allow ourselves to put everything on hold and wait for someone to want us back.” The chorus asks all the common questions of why the potential love interest could be unsure about their spark, but decidedly suggests at the end to take the reckless chance. Grayson and Filson’s equally soothing voices answer each other like a conversation throughout to trick us into feeling the moment as if it transpires in front us in real time.

Slower, echoing synths greet us as the second track “Empire” begins, and we hear Filson sing of heartbreak and an attempt to talk one last time to his past lover. “[This song] takes that thought (from ‘Make a Move’), and delivers a big middle finger to those who have taken advantage of our love and willingness to wait. This song is about reclaiming your independence and knowing your worth,” the duo explains. They introduce a few spiraling, wind-chiming sounds to aid the beat as it builds like a pyramid towards the chorus. The melody’s anticipation reaches its apex as the chorus explodes in a series of glittering sounds and painful emotions.

You came a little late to my party,
Will you dance for me
like we’re starting a revolution?
– “Oh Lover,” Neu Yeuth
Neu Youth © Stephanie Severance
Neu Yeuth © Stephanie Severance

Finally, “Oh Lover” closes out the project and reminds us of its upbeat, infectious electro-pop predecessor “Make A Move.” The chorus emits an MGMT air about it, and the witty lyrics that confront the itching temptations and future consequences of present-day lovers. Neu Yeuth describe it as “leaving behind the pressures and imprints of our upbringings… [it] more or less says, love you Mom and Dad, but we’re going to do our things now. And have fun doing it.”  “Oh Lover” locks in as one radiant conclusion to a debut that will make any indie-pop fan swoon.

As the bonus track, “Howl” stands out with haunting wave-like synths and Grayson’s siren whistles. As the couple tells the tale of overcoming loneliness, the sounds supernaturally surround to infect the listener with the virus to hope for more. “Howl” echoes and vibrates with a maturity not felt throughout the rest of the EP.

Overall, Neu Yeuth unquestionably leave a pathway for their music to climb, but they have ignited a fire at the starting line.

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Neu Youth EP

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