Music You Should Know: Truitt Shine Bright in Glowing Nashville

Truitt © 2017
Truitt © 2017
Truitt’s recent releases cement the brother/sister duo in the conversation about Nashville’s bursting music scene and the future of pop music.

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It’s been a year since Atwood Magazine first featured Nashville duo Truitt’s song “Throne” off their self-titled EP. And while we were in awe of their talent then, their new music proves that was really just the beginning. With the release of two new songs, “No Service” (released 7/21/2017) and  “Tokyo” (released 7/28/2017), Truitt cement themselves in the conversation about Nashville’s bursting music scene and the future of pop music.

Listen: “No Service” – Truitt & Brooks Brown
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Truitt, made up of brother-sister combo Brett and Brigetta, broke their post-EP silence with a feature on Brooks Brown’s infectious track “No Service.” Brigetta’s smooth vocals shine over this Brooks Brown track to tell the story of a couple trying to break away from stereotypical expectations that are placed on the relationships of young adults. The song fits perfectly in Truitt’s catalog that largely deals with the complicated issues their generation faces while dating. The frustration expressed on their track “Touch” is replaced with the feelings of freedom that they found in more mature relationships.

I don’t think twice when you’re alone
Not questioning without your phone
Cause I’m trusting your word your word
And you’re trusting mine

Our modern technology makes keeping up with each other’s lives so simple. With instant updates through a variety of platforms like Snapchat or location sharing, it’s easy to feel connected without really feeling a connection. On “No Service,” Truitt and Brooks Brown explore what it’d be like to ditch our phones and find ourselves in each other instead.

I’m lost in your world, your world
And you’re lost in mine
Listen: “Tokyo” Truitt
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Just a week after “No Service,” Truitt released their own track “Tokyo” featuring Chicago producer Light House. This track, drenched in synths and led by Brigetta’s strong vocals, is as big as the international dreams it describes. Yearning for adventure, Truitt says this track was born out of fantasizing about the possibility of having a “vibrant experience” with someone else in a brand new place.

So take me to Tokyo baby
We could disappear in the skyline, escaping
Tokyo - Truitt, Light House
Tokyo – Truitt, Light House

Truitt says that with the help of Light House, they were able to capture the “euphoric feeling [they] wanted people feel to feel when [they] wrote the lyrics.” And they do it perfectly. The track evokes memories of driving late at night with the windows down, feeling young and free and full of possibility. Whether you’re headed down the street or across the world, this song will absolutely enhance your adventure.

And while their new music is extremely exciting, it’s been an absolute pleasure watching them grow into their identity as a band as well. In the past year, they released simple yet gorgeous merchandise, curated beautiful Instagram stories on a near-daily basis, and distributed pins decorated with “Tokyo” artwork for fans that saved the song on Spotify. Every day they continue to create and refine their brand and have found enormous success so far.

They’ve also done a great job at taking advantage of the incredible Nashville music scene. The duo moved there from Florida after deciding to pursue music and hasn’t looked back since. They have been collaborating with many of the other up-and-coming Nashville artists, like Phangs and Quinn Lewis, allowing them to learn and grow together. Nashville’s music scene is truly flourishing because of this very unique community of music makers and Truitt is right in the center of it all. If you’re looking for a place to dive into all of this, Truitt created a Spotify playlist, updated weekly, to highlight these artists:

Listen: “New Nashville” by Truitt

All this, and it’s only been a year. Atwood Magazine cannot wait to see where this band goes and feels grateful to be along for the ride. We know it’s going to be a good one.

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Tokyo - Truitt, Light House

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Truitt’s Reign Begins with “Throne”

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