Today’s Song: Pluto Saffron’s “Don’t Fade Away” Is the Ultimate Irresistible Burst of Nostalgia

Pluto Saffron © Tanner LeMoine
Pluto Saffron © Tanner LeMoine
Pluto Saffron’s sophomore single “Don’t Fade Away” is a raw and retro-style gem that brings ‘80s flavors into the present day.
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Stream: “Don’t Fade Away” – Pluto Saffron

There are those warm ‘80s hits we all know and love. We remember songs like New Order’s “True Faith,” The Outfield’s “Your Love,” and Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer.” If you are a lover of ‘80s jams, then Pluto Saffron’s “Don’t Fade Away” could be just your speed. The Los Angeles-based artist exudes not only old school vibes, but also nods to current indie greats such as The Strokes and Tame Impala on his sophomore single. The dreamy track features a delicate, misty tone washing over thrilling synth backdrops. Meanwhile, passionate vocals sing of yearning hard for a crush.

Don't Fade Away - Pluto Saffron
Don’t Fade Away – Pluto Saffron
Toss and turn talking in my sleep
I dream alone cuz I’m in too deep
Take a picture, take me out tonight
I won’t give in until you’re in my sight

Most of us are familiar with the intoxicating seduction of summer love. Pluto Saffron perfectly depicts that feeling, making this compelling piece resonate with so many. Rob Banks, the songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist behind Pluto Saffron, shares, “A warm summer breeze, glimmers of love and melting sunsets drift away into memory as summer fades into fall. And just like that, the past stays where it belongs… just out of reach.”

The seasons changing
In the summer we got high
Reasons last try
I wanna drown you

Having previously written, recorded, and toured with notable bands such as Beach Party, White Arrows, and Palm Springsteen, Banks is known for blending indie, new-wave rock, electronic, and dream pop to construct masterfully soaring songs. He is rapidly rising to success, having opened for acts like Weezer and MGMT. His second single as Pluto Saffron is another great example of his musical strength.

Pluto Saffron © Tanner LeMoine
Pluto Saffron © Tanner LeMoine

The “Don’t Fade Away” music video, like the release itself, displays a fun vintage quality.

Opening in a video rental store, straight away the viewer is drawn in by the nostalgia. The visuals also take place at Los Angeles’ iconic Santa Monica pier adding to that upbeat, sunny ambience. It finishes with the same two girls from the beginning watching the movie they rented while eating pizza and shouting at the TV… “don’t do it!” We are here for the offering’s playful, humorous nature. The artist is never short of pure infectiousness and we love to see it. “Don’t Fade Away” gives all that and more.

It was a long shot baby
When you came in hot
And in this drag down city
Yes you’re all I’ve got
And now I’m looking at you
Through an hourglass
And the time bomb’s ticking
I was running fast

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Stream: “Don’t Fade Away” – Pluto Saffron

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Don't Fade Away - Pluto Saffron

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