Today’s Song: The Beauty of the Mundane in Rosie H Sullivan’s “Chapters”

Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp
Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp
Scottish singer/songwriter Rosie H Sullivan bridges an appreciation for each season in “Chapters,” where she revisits an old song in a newfound light.
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The world tells us to live like every day like it is our last. For some this may mean living fearlessly – jumping out of planes, traveling the world, or deep-sea diving. For others it could be about who is around them—telling people that you love them while you can. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both.

Maybe it’s when you’re enjoying the sun outside, taking your dog on a walk, or reading a book with someone you love. Where time isn’t about what you might lose, but what you already have. Maybe living every day like your last isn’t about extremes – maybe it’s about the mundane.

Chapters - Rosie H Sullivan
Chapters – Rosie H Sullivan

Rosie H Sullivan first wrote “Chapters” when she was 17. The young artist claims that it had been “sitting gathering dust” but with the help of Ross Hamilton and others who believed in the song – they “brought it alive” again. What resulted was a rebirthed song which had Sullivan at the brink of tears when she heard it all at once.

The song starts with ambient guitar – there’s a sense of nostalgia in it. It showcases that curiosity and awe of the world – the shoes of a wandering child. She begins with a poetic first verse:

An evening full of words
A morning full of silence
A balance of life’s delights
Songs of the soul and songs of the sky
Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp
Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp

There are many things in life that we take for granted. Afterall, repetition creates the illusion of lost value. Perhaps it is the “evening full of words” or the “morning full of silence” that we forget about. The moments that are a “balance of life’s delights” as Sullivan says. They aren’t large or grand, but they are simple moments that strip down humanity. Sullivan asks the question, “When did you decide to open up your eyes?” She presents this question to the listeners—a question of what they’ve learned through their own experience.

The proceeding lyrics are simple yet contain depth through Sullivan’s perspective. She sings:

Life is for the living,
Dreams are for the dreaming,
Hope is for the hoping,
Love is for the loving,
In the chapters of life

Though growth isn’t always linear, a consistent perspective can keep us grounded through each season. Whether it is one of perseverance, discipline, awareness, or incentive to dream big—life is meant for living and dreaming and hoping and loving as Sullivan sings. Perhaps it’s not as easy to compartmentalize pain from joy—but that does not mean they are mutually exclusive.

Afterall, as Kahil Gibran says, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Sullivan adds more to the narrative throughout the rest of the chorus:

A flower engraved in your path,
The path of your future,
The pat of your past,
What do you choose,
When it’s time.

We can’t choose our joys or sorrows—but we can choose our reflection in retrospect or prospect of them. Sullivan gives the idea that either the “pat of your past” or the “path of your future” will affect the rest of your life depending on how you choose.

Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp
Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp

Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp
Rosie H Sullivan © Marc Sharp

Sullivan not only puts you in her shoes, but she also reminds you to look down and see where you’re standing.

What season are you in? What does it hold? Perhaps it is living and loving – moving forward and growing. Maybe it is dreaming and hoping—sitting stagnant but being intentional about where you’re going.

It takes great talent to evoke a feeling before the listener even knows the lyrics. Sullivan reconnects to that child-like perspective—one that is simple yet profound. Her songwriting is unifying because it is a reminder of the human experience.

Here’s to happy listening! Stream “Chapters” on all platforms and support Rosie H Sullivan and her music.

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Chapters - Rosie H Sullivan

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