Today’s Song: A Dazzling Love Affair with Kattch’s “Será”

Será - Kattch
Será - Kattch
Kattch’s magical single “Será” is a simple tale of man loves woman told through nothing but rhythm and beautiful melodies.

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One of the greatest aspects of music is its unique storytelling approach. Many artists and bands alike create songs in which their lyrics provide a connection to their audiences, allowing them to tell their stories while also having the listeners be a part of it. However, sometimes this formula is challenged by either lyric-less songs or maybe just a sample from a phone call.

The synth-heavy sound of Kattch’s song “Será” follows the latter. With its combination of synthwave beats and disco baseline, the audience is treated to piece of music that expels previous ideas of storytelling with its one simple inclusion of a phone call which breaks the song into two separate pieces of an overarching story.

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Released Jan 22, 2018, “Será” is Kattch’s newest single via Future Society, a Boston, MA based record label with an emphasis on future funk vibes and beats. Kattch’s previous release was an upbeat disco EP titled On Set that made for an instant dance classic. “Será” is different. It takes its time building up with a slow melody, not often heard from a Kattch song.

Será - Kattch
Será – Kattch

Within the first minute of the song, the listener is exposed to keyboard notes that almost sound like the twinkle of a starlit night, but then the onrush of synth and disco sounds are followed soon after. The build-up to this point is as if a realization or idea had made itself present. The first part of this story was a slow build of rhythm that progresses into a heavy hitting beat that begins to materialize into something we can clearly see. The song continues with this consistent tempo until the halfway point of the song – the phone call.

We hear a ringing of a phone, and then it’s picked up. A conversation between a man and a woman is heard. They are speaking Spanish.

(Kattch is from Mexico; speaking Spanish would be common for him. We’ve gone ahead and translated the conversation into English.)
Woman: Hello? *cut off*
Man: How are you?
Woman: Well, and you?
Man: Hey, there’s a very good function today, and I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies?
Será - Kattch
Será – Kattch

And with one phone call, we see the story clearly – a man looking to go on a date with none other than Será. From this point, the second half of the story is seen. The baseline and drum beat change, going into triplets and becoming faster in pace. If the sudden shift in the first half of the song resembled the slow decision to call Sera, this faster melody would have to be the excitement his heart feels after the call.

We have a steady progression and flow through the track, and each part signifies a part in the man’s head and heart. We took a journey with him, feeling his every emotion through Kattch’s use of altering baselines, drum beats, and overall pace. A calm heart that soon became bustling once the decision to call was made. Afterward, the beat intensifies, which leaves the listener to believe that Será said “yes.” The love affair is complete – the man now has a date.

This is the beauty of “Será,” a simple tale of man loves woman told through nothing but rhythm and beautiful melodies. It’s a song that speaks volumes without having to utilize vocals, and with each kick of the drum or pressing of a key, the listener is wrapped further into the story. Kattch has created something magical, and his continuation with Future Society is something we are very much looking forward to in 2018. Be sure to keep an eye on him, because he’s someone you will not want to miss.

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Será - Kattch

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