Premiere: On “shrooms,” Coral Moons Trip Through a Sunny, Hazy Weekend With Friends

shrooms - Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett
shrooms - Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett
Coral Moons share their new song and music video for “shrooms,” immersing us in a warm, soothing, sun-tinged haze with the band’s signature blend of surf rock and indie pop.
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Carly Kraft takes you by the hand. She leads you into the brush, winding and weaving through the trees, until you arrive at a quiet enclave teeming with sunlight and the sound of birdsong. A quaint picnic set up lies before you: a soft blanket, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a charming woven basket all perfectly placed. You sit and she joins you before launching into a sweet serenade.

This is the picture methodically painted in the music video for Coral Moons’ new song “shrooms,” a leisurely slice of sunny, hazy dream pop detailing a liberating weekend in the woods with friends.

shrooms - Coral Moons
shrooms – Coral Moons

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “shrooms,” which deftly evokes the safety and comfort of spending time amongst friends in a space where you can simply be yourself. Textural elements like a jingling dog collar and bird calls add depth and layers while the guitar and drums buoy Kraft’s smooth, airy voice.

“‘shrooms’ is a song but also a picture, capturing a moment in time where all my friends were together at my cabin getting twisted last summer,” Kraft tells Atwood. Written by Kraft and Manuel Camacho, “shrooms” references the feeling and cerebral nature of a trip very subtly.

All I want is a little bit of love
Somewhere I can take my clothes off
And lie around
Don’t have to be too much
Just a warm afternoon
Does anybody care anymore?
She’s a little self absorbed
And she’s twisted
And I’m twisted
And she’s twisted
And I’m twisted
Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett
Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett

There’s a warmth in the song echoed in the vernal backdrop of its music video. The simple, uncomplicated concept allows each element of the music to bloom. You feel like you’re one of Kraft’s friends and she’s giving you a personal serenade. Kraft wrote the song to relive her experiences immersed in nature with her favorite people.

“shrooms” calls to mind tracks like “Beach Song” from their 2021 debut Fieldcrest, skimping on neither their unique blend of surf pop and indie rock, nor the shimmering melodies and riffs of Kraft and guitarist Justin Bartlett. Recorded in Seattle with Andy D. Park (Death Cab for Cutie, Deep Sea Diver), “shrooms” also features guitar by Jessica Dobson of Deep Sea Diver.

Kraft’s vocals are formidable, the lyrics witty, and she soars on the chorus here, harmonies fluttering and echoing like rays of sunlight filtered through the leaves. If you look too closely at the brush in the background, you’ll probably start to feel how Kraft and her friends did on that inspirational weekend. “At its core, ‘shrooms’ is a celebration of nature and friendship with a deep emphasis on the privilege of getting to share my sliver of happiness with people who I care about a lot,” Kraft says.

All I need
Is a little bit of sunshine
Makes me feel like myself
Again and again
I never ask for too much baby
Just give me all you got
Does anybody care anymore?
She’s a little self absorbed
Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett
Coral Moons © Justin Bartlett

Kraft considers “shrooms” to be the most dream-pop tune on Coral Moons’ upcoming sophomore album, summer of u, due out in July through Better Company Records.

“The rest of the album has moments of anger, sadness and self-doubt sprinkled into some heavier indie rock tones,” says Kraft. Coral Moons make easy work of illustrating life’s scope of emotional experiences by cleverly transmuting these concepts into feel-good music.

Check out the music video for “shrooms,” shot and directed by Carly Kraft and Justin Bartlett, with editing and color by Zoe Salvucci. You can also stream the song below, and catch up on all of Coral Moons’ music with more coming soon!

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Stream: “shrooms” – Coral Moons

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shrooms - Coral Moons

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