Premiere: Simulated Sun’s Urgent Prog Rock Fire “Castles”

Simulated Sun © Anna Azarov
Simulated Sun © Anna Azarov
A fervent rush of experimental prog rock full of wonder and possibility, Simulated Sun’s dynamic new single “Castles” marks the very start of something special.
Stream: “Castles” – Simulated Sun
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It’s been many years since progressive rock fans had a fresh new face to hail as their own, but that’s all about to change thanks to Dave Farina’s new musical endeavor, Simulated Sun. A fervent rush of experimental prog rock full of wonder and possibility, Simulated Sun’s dynamic new single “Castles” marks the start of something very special.

Ignition - Simulated Sun
Ignition – Simulated Sun
Last night you told me that our love’s not real.
That we are only threads on a spinning wheel.
Intertwined by design all to draw appeal.
It’s just a sight for the eyes, nothing built to feel.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Castles,” Simulated Sun’s latest song release and the third single off his forthcoming debut album, Ignition (independently out May 10, 2019). The follow-up to November 2018’s debut “Zero-Point Energy” and last week’s Groundsounds premiere of “She Feels,” “Castles” reaffirms Simulated Sun’s effervescent talent and the true-to-form power behind the forthcoming album title.

The independent solo project of singer and experimentalist Dave Farina, Simulated Sun describes himself as “an electronic/minimal techno outfit,” although the truth is that a pop/rock song like “Castles” feels quite at home with the hearty progressive rock of the late ’70s and early 1980s: Cutting synths and raw guitars billow together in a fusion that recalls the likes of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Rush (minus Geddy Lee’s falsetto).

With psychedelia-influenced lyrics heavy in existential inquiries and philosophical musings, “Castles” feels more like the musical manifestation of a gust of energy than it does a technical story. The song captures the raw movement driving Simulated Sun’s art, offering listeners a brilliant understanding of this fresh new identity.

Rearrange all the letters in my name.
Wonder why my face remains the same.
When all you want is the thrill that comes with change.
All your castles will wash away in the rain.
Simulated Sun © Anna Azarov
Simulated Sun © Anna Azarov

“‘Castles’ is unique among the tracks on Ignition, in that it’s a song written collaboratively by all four members in an old band of mine, called Plus” Dave Farina tells Atwood Magazine. “It came together very quickly in a rehearsal, starting with the bass line, then drums, and then some basic synth lines and vocal melodies. It was never recorded, but I never forgot about it. So when I started putting together material for Simulated Sun, I asked my former bandmates for permission to use it. With their blessing, I kept many aspects the same, regarding song structure and lyrics, but I also did a bit of layering of my own, adding more synth lines and guitar parts. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, as are the members of Plus, who are happy to hear it finally come to life after all these years!”

I am your only resolution.
Total absolution.
Of what you’re running from.

Catapulting off the chorus’ assertion of absolution and escapism, Simulated Sun dives into an extensive invigorating instrumental rife with an open-eyed longing for discovery. It’s not the calm before the storm, but rather the transformative journey in-between two planes – and most importantly, an expression of the artist’s immaculate prog-rock talents.

Simulated Sun’s music is a creative explosion, introducing Farina as a driving force for an oft overlooked genre. “Castle” is invigorating and fun, an interesting and fresh-sounding indulgence of experimentation and lyrical symbolism. Simulated Sun lights a fire for listeners everywhere, staying true to his album’s title and giving everyone a taste of what’s to come.

Ignition is out on May 10, 2019.

Stream: “Castles” – Simulated Sun
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Ignition - Simulated Sun

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