Interview: St. Humain Speaks About Love’s Complexities In “Dial Tones (발신음)”

St. Humain "Dial Tones (발신음)" feat. SOIN © 2023
St. Humain "Dial Tones (발신음)" feat. SOIN © 2023
Sydney-based indie pop artist St. Humain talks to us about his dream collaborations, creating a visual world around his music, latest EP ‘METADRAMATIC,’ and new single “Dial Tones (발신음)” with Seoul’s SOIN.
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Frequently delving into the raw and personal emotions that encompass relationships, St. Humain’s latest single “Dial Tones  (발신음)” is a shining example of just how vulnerable the Sydney based artist – one of our top artist discoveries of 2021 – can get.

The new release sees St. Humain giving the track a fresh spin, as he collaborates with Seoul-based artist SOIN to deliver a heartfelt and emotional duet. SOIN adds a different perspective to the narrative, as she explores love’s complexities.

Dial Tones (발신음) - St. Humain ft. SOIN
Dial Tones (발신음) – St. Humain ft. SOIN

St. Humain shares, “The original version has just the one perspective of wanting to reach out but ending up clutching at straws… But this new duet version paints the other half of the picture. I think SOIN shares this other side of the story so well, making this all not just depressing but opens things up, turning it bittersweet. She writes about the relationship being over, but that the other party is actually doing okay. Life moves on… And I think SOIN captured that essence so beautifully.”

Together, St. Humain and SOIN beautifully blend their luscious harmonies, which glide atop warm, echoing piano melodies. Simple and minimalistic, the track hits hard with its heart-wrenching sentiment.

The something that I found was on my own
Don’t need to say sorry
내 마음 아래서 사라지지 않은 무언가 있어
{There’s something under my heart that hasn’t gone away}
그 안엔 우리 반짝거리던 추억 안에서 난 별을 새기며 느껴
{It’s the glittering memory of us –
I remind myself of the stars and sink into the feeling}
Don’t worry ‘bout the things, ooh bae
I go call your phone out of habit
You don’t say hello like you once did
Now I know
Life moves on even when I do not (ooh)
I still live in the love you forgot
Young soul (young soul)
I lost your signal
Now all I get are dial tones

For those who don’t speak Korean, SOIN’s lyrics still manage to carry a lasting impact, as we hear the heartfelt intensity in her voice, perfectly encapsulating the meaning behind the song.

The original version of “Dial Tones (발신음)” is off of St. Humain’s latest EP, METADRAMATIC, and we’re hoping for some more collaborations and remixes to come from this release.

Atwood Magazine spoke with St. Humain about his new music, future releases and dream collaborations.

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St. Humain "Dial Tones (발신음)" feat. SOIN © 2023
St. Humain “Dial Tones (발신음)” feat. SOIN © 2023


Dial Tones (발신음) - St. Humain ft. SOIN

Atwood Magazine: Firstly, congratulations on the release of your new single ''Dial Tones (발신음)'' featuring SOIN! Can you share with us how this collaboration came about during your trip to Seoul?

St. Humain: Thank you thank you!! Yes for sure – it’s a long story but basically, through some mutual producer friends I ended up meeting SOIN, and I thought that she would sound so good on the original “Dial Tones”. I reached out, and thankfully she said yes and wrote something that turned out so beautiful!

St. Humain: “Dial Tones” for me is a song that’s very one-on-one. It’s probably the most personal one out of all the songs about relationships because it’s so singular. The original comes from one perspective, full of regret about a past relationship and wondering how the other person is doing.

How does the new duet version with SOIN offer a different perspective on this theme?

St. Humain: With the remix, SOIN brought in a whole other perspective with a reply, and it’s so bittersweet because it’s kinda like even though there is a response, all the main character ever gets are dial tones… So they still never get to hear that the other person is doing okay.

If you could describe ''Dial Tones'' in one word, what would it be, and why?

St. Humain: Yeah, definitely “bittersweet”. It’s a totally devastating song if you really think about it, haha. So that’s all bitter. But the sweet part comes in because things are actually okay. But you can’t help but feel sad because the relationship will probably never be the same ever again…

''Dial Tones (발신음)'' marks the second chapter to the METADRAMATIC journey. Can we expect any more collaborations in the future?

St. Humain: I really hope so! There’s something special about a good collab and I have plenty on my list including some in the R&B world so… Watch this space!

St. Humain "Dial Tones (발신음)" feat. SOIN © 2023
St. Humain “Dial Tones (발신음)” feat. SOIN © 2023

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with and why?

St. Humain: Right now… It’s not really an artist but artists… NewJeans. I don’t think I have to say more but I think their sound is so inventive and fresh especially for their audience. I’m literally addicted to their sound ha!!

How do you think METADRAMATIC differs from your debut EP, EMOTIONAL SAUNA and where would you like to see your sound go with future releases?

St. Humain: My first EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA was very electronic I think — almost like a producer’s EP with different tricks and techniques. I think this second one METADRAMATIC is more songwritery and naturally goes more pop in terms of melodies and lyrics. I actually have a third EP that I’m trying my best to finish this year, and that one is actually more vocal and R&B-heavy. Can’t wait to share more info soon!

St. Humain "Dial Tones (발신음)" feat. SOIN © 2023
St. Humain “Dial Tones (발신음)” feat. SOIN © 2023

Born in Singapore and based in Sydney, you've noted that your music is influenced by your multi-cultural upbringing. If you could incorporate the sounds of any other culture or musical genre into your future work, what would it be and why?

St. Humain: It’s still an early idea but I was talking about it with an old mentor of mind this week… I wanna try my best to incorporate my Asian heritage more into my sound for sure. I don’t know how I’m going to do this yet though, but I’m sure there’s a way to represent my upbringing not just in my look, which is a given… But also my sound.

As well as your music, you also run your own apparel brand, Emotional Sauna. How does the brand tie into your musical world, and what inspired the concept behind it?

St. Humain: So! The main idea is that each release isn’t just a sound, but also a visual too. Apparel from Emotional Sauna is the visual side of things, with each release having its own world and items like shirts, hoodies, caps. I think I just wanted my music not to exist sonically but also visually, and to give people something that they could actually hold and wear. I think clothing is very personal and for me Emotional Sauna is a way to get in touch with people — I mean, clothes are literally on your body and I think it doesn’t get much more personal than that!

What's next for St. Humain? More releases, more merch drops, any live shows or touring?

St. Humain: I’m definitely looking forward to dropping the deluxe METADRAMATIC EP in June, and yes it’s coming with its own range of Emotional Sauna merch as well! I think these will be my favourite bits of merch so far and hope people like it too.

Thanks for having me once again Atwood!!

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Stream: “Dial Tones (발신음)” – St. Humain ft. SOIN

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Dial Tones (발신음) - St. Humain ft. SOIN

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