Premiere: clide’s Intimate & Honest “come over” Is a Chilling Call for Connection

Hauntingly intimate and heart-wrenchingly raw, clide’s “come over” off his new EP ‘feelings’ is a calling out into the darkness: A cry for connection full of loneliness and longing.
Stream: “come over” – clide
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Hauntingly intimate and heart-wrenchingly raw, clide’s new single is a calling out into the darkness: A cry for connection full of loneliness and longing. The manifestation of an aching heart, “come over” captures a moment of chilling vulnerability as the German pop artist bears his soul for all to see, hear, and feel.

come over - clide
come over – clide
sometimes you cross my mind and I wonder if
I was right when I thought you‘re the one for me
But maybe it’s irrelevant cause right now it’s just what it is
It’s just what it is, yeah yeah
But if you came over now we could love or just
Talk about random stuff, or some politics
Or silently remain in the moment if you wanted it
if you wanted it, yeah yeah
and if you don’t let go tonight
if you don’t let go I might
ask you to stay a little longer
stay a little longer

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “come over,” the gut-wrenching single taken off clide’s new EP feelings, out October 1, 2021 via Dreamstart Music. The five-track follow-up to November 2020’s debut album in my mind, feelings finds the Berlin-based artist dwelling in heavy depths as he reckons through a slice of life’s upheavals.

All told, the EP – clide’s second since debuting in 2018 – presents some of the up-and-comer’s most mature work yet, and “come over” is a quintessential example of this maturity in action.


“It’s a really pure song where I tried to express the thoughts and feelings that were running around my head at the time,” clide says of “come over.” “I like the song so much, because it’s so honest and real, and I hope others can feel that too.” A lowkey pop track with alternative leanings, “come over” relies on the lyrics and clide’s stirring vocal performance to convey the intense feelings within. What it lacks in high-flying power, it makes up for with a more nuanced kind of visceral energy. He spills himself out in the chorus:

hold on me
just in case you don’t have some other plans tonight
darlin’ hold on me
I could really use somebody by my side
Hold on me
I ain’t got that much to offer but I’ll treat you right
Darlin’ hold on me
Darlin’ hold on me tonight

Preceded by the soulful and buoyant outpouring “curve me,” “come over” finds clide wearing his heart on his sleeve in a bittersweet and moving confessional. This is the ethos of feelings in action, and it’s this kind of intimate immediacy and unabridged candidness that listeners can expect from clide’s full EP.

“Being a person that usually has a hard time talking about it, I wanted to use these songs to express what I am feeling in my music, and giving others that might feel similar a way to relate and find comfort or understanding in those songs,” clide tells Atwood Magazine. “All those songs have a different perspective on feelings, which is basically me going through different phases in life, whether it is heartbreak, depression or being lost in life. I would consider myself as a generally happy and optimistic person, but the moments when I am not are the ones that really inspire me to write and share my emotions. Having all those perspectives, the conclusion of the whole project and the title song “feelings” is that it’s worth it. I wanna feel. Even if it hurts. That’s what living is about, going through all of it, taking the highs and the lows. I just wanna feel.”

feelings EP - clide
feelings EP – clide

“The sound is changing throughout the EP, moving in a pop landscape, but drawing inspiration from multiple genres,” he adds. “I like experimenting and not limiting myself, which I will continue to do in the future. My intention is always to create something beautiful that has meaning to me and when that’s the case, it hopefully also has to others.”

Cause when I’m all by myself then I think too much
And when I try to find distraction I drink too much
I guess I just get caught up way too easily in what it was
in what it was, yeah yeah
But if you came over now we could love or just
Put on a movie, stay in bed, and don’t get up
Or listen to the music that I wrote for ya,
that I wrote for ya, yeah yeah
And if you don’t let go tonight
If you don’t let go I might
ask you to stay a little longer
stay a little longer

If feelings runs the gamut of highs and lows, then “come over” represents clide’s beautifully gutting low: A moment of inner unrest and turmoil manifest in a tender overhaul of the self. Stream this single out now, and listen to clide’s full feelings EP upon its October 1st release!

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Stream: “come over” – clide
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feelings EP - clide

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