Track-by-Track: Jenny Kern’s Emotionally Encapsulated EP ‘Your Heart Knows’ Soars with Unparalleled Confessionalism & Creativity Alike

Jenny Kern - Your Heart Knows
Jenny Kern - Your Heart Knows
Vulnerability and the human experience take center stage on Jenny Kern’s latest EP, ‘Your Heart Knows.’
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Revealing the strength that can only amount from vulnerability, Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based Jenny Kern has soared back into the scene with her highly anticipated EP, Your Heart Knows. Delving into her exploration of what it truly means to be human, Kern’s catalog showcases her unwavering ability and her simply impeccable talent for bringing anecdotal fables to life.

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Inside Your Heart Knows

I Need You

Your Heart Knows opens with “I Need You,” a tune that devours Kern’s ability to build rich soundscapes and enticing melodies into a sound all of her own. She explains, “This single is really about losing yourself in your desire for someone. It’s about giving in and knowing what your heart wants. Surrendering yourself to your impulses. We really built this song off of the original demo and just elevated it to a whole new dynamic level.” As Kern commences her exploration into love from its multitude of perspectives, “I Need You” reverberates with dreamy rhythms and blissful harmonies, all collating into an exceptional opener.

Feel It Again

Up next, we have “Feel It Again,” a tune that soars with emotional catharsis. Metaphorically encapsulating the fluctuation of emotion when it comes to falling in love with another, this second offering gives a moment for release. Kern explains, “It’s a funky ode to dancing your pain away. Simply put, I want this song to make people feel more alive and in tune with their bodies. The goal for this track was to really, truly play with rhythm.” This tune does exactly that. With a synth-inspired bass line, rising rhythmic elements, and addictive guitar grooves, this next offering takes a sonic leap. Kern continues, “My focus was to step outside of the box. Not do the norm of what everyone expects of me. I wanted to show another side of my artistry. I want this song to be an anthem for those who are constantly overwhelmed with emotion.” Needless to say, “Feel It Again” brings Jenny’s remarkable authenticity full circle.


Kern’s ability to encapsulate such variety into her repertoire, makes for exceptional listening. As we near the middle of the EP, listeners can expect to feel yet another realm of emotion. This time, it’s the push and pulls of love, an encapsulation of movement, and the unwavering hope that you’ll eventually be forgiven for your mistakes. Taking a deeper delve into her lyricism, Kern confides, “It embraces the feeling of a worthless relationship and wanting to end it but the other person doesn’t agree. It’s always easier said than done. This song was one of my favourites to produce with Carson Cody. The bass outro was actually an accident but it’s one of the best parts of the record!” With pumping harmonies and soaring vocal energy, Kern’s melodies form the perfect foundations for her inspirational chronicles.

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I Should Lose You

As a former single and standout tune from Kern, “I Should Lose You” narrates the feeling of falling out of love with someone and realizing that you need to let them go. Humbly, Kern confides, “The relationship was failing and it became so one-sided. It’s easy to realize that you no longer have feelings for someone but it’s the intrinsic difficulty of hurting them that makes it so hard. You can be in a relationship, feel a shift and know something isn’t right anymore but the second you say it out loud, it’s in the open.” With vibrant melodies and pumping basslines, “I Should Lose You” is a dreamy pop anthem that would find a home on any dancefloor. Kern explains, “The truth is, the best solution is to rip off the band-aid and move on. That’s what I had to do.”

Miss Somebody

In a realm of reminiscence, the closure of this EP is rather resemblant to the tune itself. “Miss Somebody” narrates the reminisces of a past love. Love, much like heartbreak, is all a part of being human, and it’s Kern’s profound ability to shed a light on past memories that make this song so uniquely special. She concludes, “I’m definitely a person who struggles to let go of certain moments, feelings, or people. However, I am learning how to appreciate those moments even when they’re gone. I’m learning how important it is to live in the present emotions. To think, process, and write about them. To feel it all and know it’s ok to miss somebody.” With mellow melodies and enveloping lyricism, “Miss Somebody” creates closure in more ways than one.

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