Premiere: Love, Lust, and Loss in The Max Tribe’s “Hello”

The Max Tribe © 2017
The Max Tribe © 2017

OWhat starts with love doesn’t always end with love. This is the lesson that The Max Tribe learned when they wrote “Hello,” the newest single from their forthcoming debut album Retrofit, due out early next month. Although at the outset it was meant to be a love song, by the time “Hello” was finished, it was a dark, resentful breakup song about a relationship ended by one lover’s affair. Atwood Magazine is thrilled to premiere this song for you today.

Listen: “Hello” – The Max Tribe

The song opens with a thick, deep reverb on an electric guitar. Already, the passion of the song oozes out. The guitar is joined by drums and keys and together they create a funky swing that will carry the rest of the song. The Max Tribe recorded this song in a Masonic Temple built in the late 1800s, helping push the full, classic sound to another level. When singer Austin Max’s voice enters, it is instantly captivating. It is rich and full of emotion, much like the guitar that opened the track. He has the ability to hit the high notes flawlessly despite the natural depth of his voice. For a band that has yet to release a full length album, The Max Tribe seems to have settled into a distinct sound. It comes as no surprise that the band was formed when singer Austin Max and drummer Connor Kessler met at a music school in Boston.

Retrofit - The Max Tribe
Retrofit – The Max Tribe

Lyrically, this song tells an intriguing story of love, lust, and loss. The song opens with the lyrics:

Hello, my dear
Say hello to our fears
Hello, my darling
I’ve seen his footprints in the garden

The fears he mentions are quickly realized two lines later with the introduction of another man. Immediately, it seems that any chance for this relationship to work out has been erased by this other man’s presence. But as the song progresses, the complexities of their relationship are revealed.

Me, I got a heart of gold, got a fire soul, don’t you dig it?
You, you’re a loaded gun, just a hit and run, I don’t get it
Me, I let you fully in, saw my soul through my skin, don’t you get it?
You, only gave me half of you, your thoughts so untrue. I don’t get it.
The Max Tribe © 2017
The Max Tribe © 2017

By starting every line with either “me” or “you,” the distance between the lovers becomes quite clear. There is no “us,” just two separate individuals who are fundamentally different. His constant questions, “don’t you dig it?,” “don’t you get it,” demonstrate that they are on totally separate pages. They can no longer understand each other. While the affair is obviously a big factor, their lack of unity and communication are also important in the breakdown of their relationship.

The smoothness of the music combined with Max’s rich voice and creative lyricism creates an incredibly appealing sound; it’s easy to put this track on repeat and just get lost in it. If “Hello” is any indicator of The Max Tribe’s potential, we are in for a wonderful, thought-provoking treat with the release of their debut album.

The Boston-based band will hit the road after the release of Retrofit. Keep an eye on their socials for a venue near you!

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Retrofit - The Max Tribe

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“Hello” – The Max Tribe

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