Premiere: Overcoming Insecurities with Bird Concerns’ Fiery “The Monster”

Bird Concerns © 2018
Bird Concerns © 2018

It can be so hard to turn off the voices in your head – you know the ones: You’re not good enoughYou don’t belong here. Sometimes we need an outside force to calm our inner nerves. Thankfully, there are artists like Bird Concerns looking out for us: The band’s jangling new song “The Monster” is a catchy, enduring reminder that we are better than our insecurities, and we can overcome that inner voice.

Someone very kind said, “You have a demon inside.”
and I believed them.
“Wash away with blood” they told me,
“wash away your sin.”
Ever since that day,
I feared the darkness inside into fruition.
Look at all the mess I made cause i’m a messy man.
Look at all the shit I break, cause i’m already damned.
Listen: “The Monster” – Bird Concerns
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “The Monster,” the latest single from Los Angeles garage rock band Bird Concerns. The four-piece of Marcus Buser (Bass, Vocals), Travis Meador (Guitar, Vocals), Jake Sucher (Guitar, Vocals) and Cooper Wolken (Drums, Vocals), Bird Concerns bring massive melodies, four-part harmonies and crunchy guitars together in a delightfully driving application of raw, inspired rock n’ roll.

Monster - Bird Concerns
Monster – Bird Concerns

“The Monster” continues to build upon the repertoire that’s been slowly building since Bird Concerns took flight last year. If anything, it’s their hardest-hitting, most raucous tune yet, finding Meador and Sucher’s guitars turned all the way up as they fill the soundspace with a familiar, overdriven buzz.

In-between those savage strings flow Buser’s warm vocals, singing sweetly about facing your own demons head-on.

You give what you get,
I’m so lucky someone gave a shit.
You are not the monster,
you are not the monster inside,
you are not the monster inside your head.

We’re all insecure, but it takes a keen awareness of self and empathy for others to effectively share that side of yourself. As Buser explains, “this song is about overcoming the monsters in your head. The voices that tell you you’re not good enough, or that you’re broken beyond repair. It’s about learning to love yourself so that you can give that love to others.”

What starts as a focus on the self transforms into an outward expression of uplifting empowerment.

You soak it all up, all the darkness you see in the world is imprinted.
How can I be a light if I’m already broke and deficient?
Show me that there’s good inside, show me that I can.
Show me how to love and maybe I will understand.
You get what you give, c’mon teach me how to really live.
Bird Concerns © 2018
Bird Concerns © 2018

The band further explains how through “The Monster,” they hope listeners can learn “to love the parts of yourself that other people don’t understand.” “‘The Monster’ is inspired by my own struggles with depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt,” Buser shares. “It’s a song about learning to accept yourself and in turn give acceptance to others.” There’s many sides to empathy, and it goes both ways.

As it turns out, The Golden Rule is a pretty good one!

Look out for a sweeping guitar solo toward the end of “The Monster” – if Bird Concerns’ contribution toward mental health doesn’t move you, maybe a few sweet licks will. Stay tuned for more from this dynamic band in the months to come, and jam out to their catchy new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Monster - Bird Concerns

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