Today’s Song: Cabane’s Brilliantly Unique “Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour” (ft. Bonnie “Prince” Billy)

cabane © Elise Péroi
cabane © Elise Péroi
Composer Thomas Jean Henri brought together the brilliant & eclectic group Cabane for the creation of their debut album Grande est La Maison, led with the nostalgic and quaint track, “Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour.”
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Composer Thomas Jean Henri has brought together an eclectic and somehow perfect group to make Cabane, and subsequently the mystic and effervescent debut album that is Grande est La Maison (released February 28, 2020). The song “Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour” begins the journey of the album. It is the peaceful, hopeful encapsulation of loving someone even in their sad moments, and staying with them through their dreams and their failures.

Grande Est La Maison - cabane
Grande Est La Maison – cabane

The entrance of the song immediately takes you to a French countryside. You feel as if you have been placed into a nostalgic setting that brings peace and hope for the future. It enthralls the ear with soft yet intriguing melodies. The strings fade as simple guitar plucks and Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s vocals soothingly enter,

Home, the place that we call home
where we are so alone, Boy, you
dream that you will do
like lovers always do. 
Then, we do like we used to
but something ‘s turning wrong
Boy, you
dream that you will do
like people all around
But people all around

Seventies synth make a surprising and delightful entrance between verses before the strings take back over. Cabane plays with the music in this song with complete control. The juxtapositions are ones you would never imagine, but somehow, they work flawlessly. Billy’s vocals come through once again,

oh love, are you lost too?
you dream we will dreaming together
but for a while
All inside you is sad
when we are living together
There, the place that we call home
where you never go alone, boy you
dream that you will do, like lovers always do
cabane © Elise Péroi
cabane © Elise Péroi

Thomas Jean Henri of Cabane describes the creation of Tu ne Joueras Plus à L’amour” best: “The first idea of this song came on the New Years Eve night in 2016. I played and recorded music all night. The tittle ‘Tu Ne Joueras Plus à L’amour’ came to me directly. At first it was a long instrumental part. As many songs on the album, I recorded it, forget it and then move on to another one. I came back to this melody when I was working at the sea side. I asked Sean (O’Hagan of The High Llamas) to write some strings and he played this great wurly part in the chorus.”

Although collaborations are common in our world of music, the unique group that make Cabane is what has made this song and the entire album so special and different.

Cabane ignore the rules and follow the heart of the song – and that is what the best music is supposed to do. Listen to the album in its entirety; it’s a welcomed break from the sea of sameness that often feels like music today.

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Stream: ‘Grande est la maison’ – cabane

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Grande Est La Maison - cabane

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