Today’s Song: “Meet Me” – Animal Years

Meet me, darling, I know, this thing, it ain’t easy

One of the best album openers from one of the most solid works I’ve heard in a long time, “Meet Me” encapsulates desire and thirst for something more. The tension in lead singer Mike McFadden’s voice is like none other – he sings what he feels, and feels what he sings. In this case, that tension comes from the idea of drifting apart – of not feeling the same as you once did for someone. However, instead of whining about it, Animal Years express their readiness to get up and go. Musically, “Meet Me” is in constant motion, always looking forward – a trait equally expressed in the lyrics.

It mights seem like I’m running, but oh how my feet stay grounded

Animal Years offer no-frills guitar-driven indie roots rock like that which you’ve never heard. Their timing and dynamics are superbly on point and their songs express complex emotions (moving on from love in “Meet Me”) in easy-to-digest musical settings. Not to mention, “Meet Me” is the perfect driving song. Pump up that car radio and drive off into the sunset with this killer track from Brooklyn’s most exciting rock up-and-comer.

Listen: “Meet Me” – Animal Years

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“Meet Me” – Animal Years

Meet Me, Darlin, I know,
this thing, it ain’t easy.
It might seem like, I’m runnin,
But I’m Just, Trying, to find me

I had half a mind to come back,
you had a reason to let me in
But I had so much more to tell you way back then

And this town has nothing for me,
and with the mental state I’m in
I would have let you have my heart but I won’t win

Tell me, Darlin, are ya,
Watchin’, these days, a countin’

It might, seem like, I’m runnin’
But oh how, my feet they stay grounded

I had half a mind to come back
You had a reason to let me in
But I had so much more tell you way back then

Like the fact that I want to love you
And wish you’d tell me what you said

The night I drove off never to return again

So meet me me, at the, station,
we are going to the city
It might, seem like, we’re running,
but we’re still here at the beginning

But if I get knocked down my wounds ain’t healing

I hope you’re doing well without me
I hope you didn’t have to try
I hope you never feel the way I feel tonight

And every time, I think about that woman I
Can’t find one good word to say how im feeling

And I’m alive with fear, hunger, and reeling

Well I cant go on without you
I’ve given you all I can
But I will let you have my heart to the bitter end

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