Today’s Song: Wolf & Moon Are Sonic Explorers on Hopeful New Song “Situations”

Wolf & Moon © Dani Rguez
Wolf & Moon © Dani Rguez
Wolf and Moon’s “Situations” is a folk song you can groove to — or a dance song that can make you lonesome for the good ole days.
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Every art form needs its adventurers—those who are willing to explore the deep crevices between sounds and discovering the crossovers we didn’t previously know existed. While to most this is tedious work, the adventurer basks in it, constantly driving to merge previously unmixed sounds until what we’re left with is a beautiful hybrid.

Wolf & Moon are these adventurers.

Situations - Wolf and Moon
Situations – Wolf and Moon

Meeting somewhere in the Netherlands (close to 52.0907° N, 5.1214° E if you’re more detail-inclined), Dennis and Stefany started working together on a spontaneous trip to the US and haven’t looked back since. Their ability to meld folk and dream pop to create airy-danceable songs that underneath the beautiful layers are simple folk-guitar songs has become their enviable forte.

The Berlin-based duo’s latest single “Situations” continues this: Starting with a simple guitar riff and a funky bass line, they slowly introduce Casio-keyboard riffs and programmed synth pads seemingly without you noticing it. The end result is a folk song you can groove to—or a dance song that makes you lonely for the good ole days, depending on your perspective. It’s like if Of Monsters and Men discovered 808s, or if the power went out at a Heartthrob-era Tegan And Sara show.

What truly completes the song however, are their voices—the living definition of the total being the sum of its parts. Alone their vocals are intriguing and pretty, but together they bounce off each other to create a powerful, complete force that stirs the soul. Stefany sounds like the child of fellow sonic adventurer Tash Sultana and legend songstress Macy Gray, while Dennis’ vocals are reminiscent of a huskier Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers.

Wolf & Moon © Blake
Wolf & Moon © Blake

The interplay is electric and their harmonies create a lush, hazy pool you just long to swim in for hours. The fact the melody is so catchy is just a bonus.

One of these days, of these days
You gonna make it
You find a way, find a way
You gonna take it
Out of this place, of this place
You gonna make an
Impossible move out of this

A song of hope, it carries on the folk sensibility of things getting better as long as you keep your head down and keep pushing forwards. The hopeful tone of the Casio only supports this sentiment. Sprinkle in the subtle, carefully selected sprinkle of electronic flourishes that Wolf & Moon trademarked on their January debut Before It Gets Dark and the exploration is complete. Turns out the gap between folk and dream-pop isn’t as wide as we thought—but there is enough room to dance in that space.

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Stream: “Situations” – Wolf & Moon

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Situations - Wolf and Moon

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