Premiere: Night Lights Dazzle with Intimate “Talk to Me (stripped)”

Night Lights © Nathan Tecson
Night Lights © Nathan Tecson
Night Lights dazzle with “Talk to Me (stripped),” a beautiful toned-down version of their hit song that radiates with longing, heartfelt warmth, and connection.

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No matter how much the music industry progresses in its use of data science, influencers, and social media platforms, one constant still reigns supreme: The power of a song. Indie pop band Night Lights are a prime example of this in action; they rocked their way into the spotlight two years ago with their catchy, feelgood debut “Childish.” After two very busy years, they finally followed that up this past September with the inimitable, fast-paced “Talk to Me.” Despite their limited repertoire, Night Lights have established themselves as an exciting presence thanks to their ability to craft music full of energy and emotion.

Night Lights continue to dazzle with “Talk to Me (stripped),” a beautiful toned-down reinterpretation of their hit song that radiates with longing, heartfelt warmth and connection.

Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
lost you in 2008.
I packed my bags and I chased a dream,
but I remember your face.
Think I saw somewhere that you moved away,
just to see what it’s like in the east.
Did you find your soul in the streets of France,
or the islands of the coastline of Greece?
Stream: “Talk to Me (Stripped)” – Night Lights
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Talk to Me - Night Lights
Talk to Me – Night Lights

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Talk to Me (stripped),” a reimagining of Night Lights’ explosive uptempo anthem. Forming in Boston and now based in Los Angeles, indie pop/rock trio Night Lights offer an eclectic fusion of sound and style, with its members hailing from Mexico, Japan and Norway. Comprised of Mau Jimenez (Vocals), Yusuke Sato (Guitar) and Dag Eirik Hanken (Drums), the band have made a sizable dent in the music world with only two songs. While they’re poised for an exceptional 2019, the band are closing the year off strong by showing another side to themselves and their musicality.

It’s a testament to the power of a song that “Talk to Me” can exist in both its original high-energy format, and its rawer stripped-down version. “Talk to Me (stripped)” bleeds vulnerability as Jimenez croons for reconnection. “And I miss the nights, we could talk about the times, we could talk about our lives,” he reminisces sweetly, lost in visions from a faraway past. The chorus captures the narration’s pent-up emotion – the longing, the sadness, the urgency and desire to reconnect:

Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
talk about the magical.
Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
I really wanna know.
Come on and t-t-t-talk to me, just talk to me,
you’ve got to let me in.
Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
don’t wanna miss a thing.
Come on and t-t-t-talk.
Night Lights © Nathan Tecson
Night Lights © Nathan Tecson

“There’s more than one side to all musicians and it’s really cool to get to explore other versions of something we already loved making,” Mau Jimenez tells Atwood Magazine. “We wanted to give people a new experience with this song…to put them into a different story, even if the words are the same. Changing the music changes the narrative of the story simply because of the feel of it. We hope people fall in love with this version of ‘Talk to Me’ as well, and hopefully they can make new and different memories with it than they could with the original.”

You’d come to me with your broken hearts,
back when we used to be friends.
Back then, I think I was falling hard,
too scared to say anything.
So I played it cool till you fell in love
with the EDM and techno machines.
And I found myself in the vinyl stacks,
and forgot about the girl of my dreams.

Both renditions of “Talk to Me” are special in their own rights, but what truly stands out here is Night Lights’ ability to create and recreate magic and wonder: “Talk to Me (stripped)” is an entire world away from its counterpart, a slower song for late candle-lit nights full of vulnerability and heart-to-hearts.

Night Lights are leading the indie pop world forward, one incredible song at a time. Stream “Talk to Me (stripped)” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Tell me, did I miss the signals?
Because it always keeps me awake.
Like, if I said my feelings,
you never would’ve gotten away.
So talk to me, talk to me,
oh, just talk.
Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
talk about the magical.
Come on and t-t-t-talk to me,
I really wanna know.
Stream: “Talk to Me (Stripped)” – Night Lights
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Talk to Me - Night Lights

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