Premiere: Sink or Swim in When ‘Airy Met Fairy’s Haunting “Until Your Season Dries”

“Until Your Season Dries” is a serene, emotional catharsis: When ‘Airy Met Fairy melt pain and peace together in a tranquil pool of warm, radiant solace.

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Heavy hearts don’t simply dissipate, but when painful breaks have finally scarred over, a blithe peace does settle in: An unseasonable calm – the respite from prior days’ emotional storms. When ‘Airy Met Fairy’s fragile new single “Until Your Season Dries” offers hauntingly serene emotional catharsis through passionate, poignant and heartbreakingly sweet balladry.

Until Your Season Dries - When 'Airy Met Fairy
Until Your Season Dries –
When ‘Airy Met Fairy
your love got lost in high tides
mine crashed into the brim
i saw your ship go under
but drained hearts can not swim

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Until Your Season Dries,” the second single off When ‘Airy Met Fairy’s upcoming debut album Glow (out later 2018). The musical marriage of Icelander Thorunn Egilsdottir and Luxembourger Mike Koster, When ‘Airy Met Fairy dive into intimacy through an exquisite blend of melody and sound.“The music business feels so lavish and overproduced. I just want to take a step back and reduce it to almost nothing,” Egilsdottir notes in the duo’s press release. Through minimalist music characterized by subtle layers of warmth, the band manage to induce an expansive array of emotions, as is felt vividly across “Until Your Season Dries.”

so sail off to peaceful waters
don t fight agitated seas
i will be searching for dropped off treasures
beneath the ocean concrete
Until Your Season Dries - When 'Airy Met Fairy
Until Your Season Dries video still

“Love is like a battlefield and when it dies, it’s like two sinking warships,” frontwoman Thorunn Egilsdottir tells Atwood Magazine. She explains that she wrote it after separating from the father of her child. To her, “Until Your Season Dries” takes the harshness away and transforms the end of a relationship into a soft, poetic goodbye: “After the storm, comes peace and quiet. There is something so infinitely beautiful in the afterlife of a love affair.”

and if you throw love off your lifeboat
at least make sure my name float
and carry me with you until your season dries
i can not breathe underwater
but I trust the beacon light
i will walk through shallow seabeds
till i find your land
When 'Airy Met Fairy © 2018
When ‘Airy Met Fairy © 2018

Slow but harrowingly emotive, “Until Your Season Dries” is reminiscent of Radiohead’s slower work in its simple splendor and lyrical resonance.

Shot by French producer Raphael Kindig, the song’s underwater music video captures the heavy weight surrounding the song’s evocative serenity. As Egilsdottir noted, such a peaceful feeling is beautiful, but it came at the price of something else: Something that was broken by the time it shattered, but was at one time just as whole and magnificently beautiful as the current moment’s serenity. We watch photos sinking, a sheer white wedding dress floating to the bottom of a pool; but mostly, we see a pair of lovers (Egilsdottir and Koster) struggling on different paths: “One of the protagonists saves himself to shore while the other sinks down to the ground, looking for dropped off treasures,” Kindig says.

and if you throw love off your lifeboat
at least make sure my name will float
love is a light that goes over your face
a dulcet embrace
but when you fuss and you fight
you turn off the light
it slowly drifts away

“Water represents the abstract place for a relationship that people jump into when they enter a relationship. You can either drown or get out of the water. In a poetic sense of it, it’s a question of life and death.” explains Koster. Poignant and bittersweet, the “Until Your Season Dries” video perfectly captures When ‘Airy Met Fairy’s mellow mood and subtle aesthetic, furthering the track’s heartstrained goodbye.

That said, this experience isn’t meant to be overly dramatic, either. Of the video, Egilsdottir cheekily observes, “[To] drown in slow motion – what a poetic way to die.” You could watch “Until Your Season Dries” and reflect on the hardship and pain it took these individuals to get to this moment; you might instead see the power of the moment itself, and the heavenly quality of the serenity that’s finally been achieved; or perhaps, you might indulge in both at the same time. When ‘Airy Met Fairy melt pain and peace together in a tranquil pool of warm, radiant solace.

so sail off my tranquil sailor
let quintessence recline
and keep me steady with you,
until your season dries

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“Until Your Season Dries” – When ‘Airy Met Fairy

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Until Your Season Dries - When 'Airy Met Fairy

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