Premiere: Tiny Stills’ Unapologetic “When I’m With You” Embraces Euphoric Love

A euphoric explosion of feelgood energy, Tiny Stills’ new song “When I’m with You” captures the raw excitement of young love.

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Tiny Stills are making big moves: A euphoric explosion of feelgood energy, the band’s new song “When I’m with You” captures the raw excitement of young love. Feel free to be engrossed and grossed out, all at the same time!

Laughing Into The Void - Tiny Stills
Laughing Into The Void – Tiny Stills
I wanna take you to Disneyland
I wanna ride space mountain
again and again and again

You make this modest mouse
feel like superman

When I’m with you

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “When I’m with You,” the second single off Tiny Still’s forthcoming sophomore album Laughing Into The Void (out June 1, 2018). The Los Angeles indie rock band of singer and songwriter Kailynn West [currently with Harry Foster (bass), Zach Comtois (guitar), and Tony Thaxton (drums)], Tiny Stills offer refreshing power-pop charged with an array of dynamic, intoxicating emotion.

Oh, to be in love: If joy is infectious, then “When I’m with You” is a dangerously powerful smile virus. The song is an unapologetically happy anthem, a whole-hearted embrace of warmth and cheer that begs you to join in its celebration.

Tiny Stills © Joe Lemke
Tiny Stills © Joe Lemke

“I wanted to write a song that captured the excitement of a new relationship when everyday activities feel special, and you feel invincible,” Kailynn West tells Atwood Magazine. “I wrote it to send to a guy I had crush on, that later turned into a relationship, and then we got married. It’s a disgustingly cute story and I originally only planned on playing this song for him, but it came from such a genuine place of happiness that I wanted to put it on the new record. I think its a feeling a lot of people can relate to.”

West’s list of fun things she loves doing with her now-husband is endless. She recounts life’s little moment with charming charisma, singing:

I wanna watch back to the future order take out food
I’m happy doing nothing and everything with you
I wanna write you stupid songs you think are cute
I wanna be the girl you always dream about
When the day is over and you feel worn down
Cuz I make your life better when I’m around
Yeah I was scared before I found you now I cant imagine life without you
When I'm With You - Tiny Stills
When I’m with You – Tiny Stills

Directed by Charlie Fonville, the “When I’m with You” music video is the perfect visual accompaniment. “Our idea was to make a Pretty Woman/Dumb and Dumber style montage and make something fun and lighthearted to match the feeling of the song,” West shares. “We had a great time making it. Our whole goal was to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.” Tiny Stills definitely sell their enthusiasm, tapping into a deep, meaningful emotion everyone can easily relate to, and hopefully appreciate.

We can tell all our exes how great the sex is…

Stream “When I’m with You” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and get hooked on Tiny Stills’ feeling! Laughing Into The Void is out June 1, 2018!

Watch: “When I’m with You” – Tiny Stills

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Laughing Into The Void - Tiny Stills

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