Today’s Song: Vaundy Breaks Down International Barriers on Captivating “Tokyo Flash”

 Despite Vaundy’s “Tokyo Flash” being sung in his native Japanese language, the track mesmerizes listeners from all areas with its infectious hooks, alluring vocals, and stunning melody.
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Listen: “Tokyo Flash” – Vaundy

One of the best aspects of music is its innate barrier-shattering quality to it. No matter who one is, where they might live, or what they might do, music can still enthrall them as much as their neighbor, creating bonds that otherwise never would have existed. The same principle is also shared with language; notable examples being the rise of Latin music entering into the American music spheres along with Eastern music such as K-pop. These shifts are allowing many to expand their listening repertoire, and Japan-based Vaundy is one such artist reveling in these new international fans with his latest release “Tokyo Flash.”

Tokyo Flash – Vaundy

“Tokyo Flash” is infectiously sweet—getting feet moving, heads bopping, and bodies swaying with effortless ease. Vaundy’s melodic vocals surround a guitar groove that can bring a smile out from just about anyone, creating a warmth like no other. It’s a track that can and will enthrall listeners, and that will have many pressing repeat for hours on end.

*Translated into English*
I got better at nodding
(You got it You got it)
Ah you are good too
You attacked me without a signal
(Not bad not bad)
Are you through now?

The track opens with a simple but perfectly placed drum beat that is soon joined by a vibrant guitar melody—setting the tone of the song as a bright, lively one. As the singing starts, one would be hard-pressed not to melt from the delicate vocals Vaundy possesses. His range is impressive, reaching a falsetto that teeters on fragile and bustling. This vocal quality and style make him stand out in the otherwise crowded sphere of indie-pop. For non-Japanese speakers, this might seem like a reason to stop listening, but his style and melodic presence keep listeners glued to the music—even if unable to understand fully.

(Tokyo flash)
When you are awake
(Where do we go? Where do we go?)
Nothing changes
(Tokyo flash)
Hold your hand then
(Where do we go? Where do we go?)
Nothing changes
(Tokyo flash)

As the track progresses, further dives into various instrumentation take place. Small saxophone solos, altered guitar riffs, and percussion with slick beats all coalesce near the track’s end to provide a dynamic sendoff that sticks with listeners well-after the song ends. The song’s upbeat tempo and fast pace are then transported into the visual with its music video. As Vaundy navigates the Tokyo streets, mirages of himself appear as he moves forward, a flash of a previous self remaining in place. The art direction is a uniquely charming stamp on the track, complementing the track’s jubilant tone with a hazy-like presence that serves to only further enrich the experience.

Am I getting it stopped now?
I just wonder.
your smile and gestures
Make me obsessed again

The glamour and whimsy Vaundy exudes is something not to be missed—the docile yet bombastic melody of “Tokyo Flash” being the prime example as to why. The track encapsulates what’s great about music: there are no barriers to it. Whether one is fluent in Japanese or not, there is something to enjoy with Vaundy, and his further exposure in the West is something to highly look forward to.

Listen: “Tokyo Flash” – Vaundy

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