Premiere: The Fever Rush of Chomper’s “Wipe It Down”

Chomper © 2017
Chomper © 2017
“Wipe It Down” rips and roars with raw passion as Chomper deliver just the right amount of garage rock cacophony.

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Nothing says Tuesdays like a little controlled chaos, and nowhere will you find more controlled chaos than on Chomper’s latest single: “Wipe It Down” rips and roars with raw passion as the “psych-rock supergroup” deliver just the right amount of garage rock cacophony.

i should have known better from the start
you got your eyes out on everyone
and i’ve been running
from the dawn of the sun sun sun
Listen: “Wipe It Down” – Chomper
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Wipe It Down,” the latest single off Chomper’s forthcoming debut album Medicine Mountain (out November 14 via Iron Pier). Consisting of Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi & Mark Perro (The Men, Dream Police), and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police, Junk Boys), Chomper is a three-piece garage rock sensation. The trio’s ability to deliver incredibly dynamic, emotionally-fueled content through a controlled medium speaks to each member’s individual prowess, as well as their ability to seamlessly come together.

“Wipe It Down” is fierce, an unapologetic stream that barrels over the listener in wave after wave of unadulterated energy. Mark Shue sings a low, ferocious howl over tense power chords: It’s all one can do to wait for the guitars to unleash their full sound.

Medicine Mountain - Chomper
Medicine Mountain – Chomper
i’ve been hunted in the dead of night
there ain’t nobody gonna make it right
you took my mind
and i can’t find my tongue tongue tongue

“‘Wipe It Down’ came together from this sort of droning riff I had been playing around with,” recalls Mark Shue. “Russell added this propulsive bassline and it all kind of came to life when we were all in a room together playing. This song is kind of a snapshot of a bad dream that exists in the middle of a chase. It’s about being on the run. Running from some kind of a monster or predator, or maybe even running from a shadow of ourselves. And the running never ends.”

The song’s forward momentum and constant pulse speaks to Shue’s description of a chase, yet it’s his lyrics that seal the deal. Fantastically vivid, “Wipe It Down” paints a particularly visual picture:

i feel the jaws and they’re closing in
you got your eyes out for every kid
and i’ve been running
from the dawn of the sun sun sun

We’re left with a pounding in our chests and a rush of blood to the head – the kind of jolting sensation one can expect from driving rock music, tinged with dynamic elements that make every successive listen feel fresh and unique. Chomper are a force to be reckoned with. While the world awaits their November 14th release date, stream “Wipe It Down” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Medicine Mountain - Chomper

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