Premiere: The Solemn Surrender of Ward’s “Soothe the Soul”

Ward © 2018
Ward © 2018
Ward’s “Soothe the Soul” is a personal expression of choices & regrets as the artist embraces his true self, surrendering to music.

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Are you happy with where you are in life? Are you taking active steps toward getting where you want to be? Are your daily actions bringing you closer to your long-term goals? We all have dreams, but so many of us set them aside in favor of more practical careers and stable lifestyles. That was Ward’s story for a long time, until he one day woke from the doldrums and took a huge risk – one that changed his fate, his world, and ours. Ward’s new single “Soothe the Soul” is a personal expression of choices and regrets as the artist embraces his true self, surrendering to music.

I feel loose, like I felt then
Who else is gonna win it back for me?
I’ve been living my life as some other guy
I’ve been living my days as somebody’s son
Whose soul knows better
Listen: “Soothe the Soul” – Ward
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Soothe the Soul,” the latest single from alt-rock artist Ward. Christopher Grant Ward’s solo project began in 2016 when he realized he wasn’t living the life he wanted, so he quit his job as a New York tech executive, moved to Los Angeles, and started a band. “Soothe the Soul” is Ward’s second single of the year, following the passionate “Crush.”

Soothe the Soul - Ward
Soothe the Soul – Ward

“Soothe The Soul” has a particularly special place in the Ward catalog, as the first track he wrote after quitting his job and committing to music. Written on a New York City subway, the driving rock song embraces heavy dynamics as Ward contemplates the decisions that brought him to where he is today, and what he’s done to get farther and closer to where he wants to be.

See I lose when I lose the goal
I lose just to choose control
What did I lose just to soothe the soul?
Just to soothe the soul

“‘Soothe the Soul’ was the first song I had written in years,” Ward recalls. “I wrote it on the back of a newspaper on a subway in New York the day I had finally quit my job. This song is the story about my choices and my regrets. It’s about what path I took to make myself feel better in the short term, even if it denied some deeper part. I’d been living someone else’s life for far too long, and I’d done it for whatever reasons we all don’t choose to follow our dreams: insecurity, fear, upbringing. I suppose at some point everyone realizes life isn’t a dress rehearsal, that this isn’t a practice run. For me it took a little bit to see this. And all the things I’ve done to soothe and allay the aching of my soul to follow my heart, all the choices I made to ignore my true self, these all eventually caught up to me. At the least, I know I have no other choice but to write music, as it’s the only way to soothe my soul.”

I suppose at some point everyone realizes life isn’t a dress rehearsal, that this isn’t a practice run.

Ward’s new life is only just beginning, and if “Soothe the Soul” is any indication, he seems to have made the right choice: Fit with an evocative voice and the lyrical chops to match, the future looks bright for this Los Angeles alt-rock act.

Ward is continuously in the studio creating new music, and actively engages with fans to collaborate on songs by sending out raw tracks, lyrics and sounds to his fans via email for their feedback. “It’s just better to be creating, sending, and listening all the time,” Ward says. “There’s so much more to gain from having great two-way dialogs with fans who love the same music I do.” To hear Ward’s latest sounds, sign up for his email list (

In the meantime, stream “Soothe the Soul” exclusively on Atwood Magazine – and if you’re unhappy, or headed down a path you know isn’t right for you, consider learning a lesson from Ward and changing course before it’s too late. You won’t regret it.

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Soothe the Soul - Ward

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