Premiere: War Violet’s Dreamy “Getaway” Transports Us to Sweet Summertime

War Violet © Lissette Emma
War Violet © Lissette Emma
Blending sounds evocative of ‘60s pop, dreamy lo-fi, and jangly folk, War Violet’s “Getaway” captures the magic of summertimes past and present.

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Maybe it’s all due to the Summer of Love back in the ‘60s, but there’s something about light and dreamy songs that seem to fit the season perfectly. And War Violet’s latest release more than qualifies as a summer song in that sense of the word: lush, upbeat music that’s certain to boost your mood just as well as a sunny day.

War Violet is the brainchild of New York-based artist Jummy Aremu, who spent the last two years transforming her folk songs into what she describes as “a lofty lo-fi orchestral ‘epic.’” And epic it will be, if new single “Getaway,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today, is any indication of the upcoming final product (an EP of the same name, slated for independent release in late June).

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From the first notes of deep bass and jangly guitar, “Getaway” works to do just what its title implies. Aremu’s clear, sweet vocals are a perfect complement to her music. As she croons the opening lines of “My heart, it bleeds, when my lover sings to me,” we’re drawn into the world she’s created within the song. Of this world, Aremu notes that the song “was made to transport my senses as I wanted to (like the title says) get away, and create a world shielded from the harshness of city life.” She also states that the song deals with “transitions in life and new possibilities,” which seem to come closer into reach with each dreamy note.

My heart, it bleeds, when my lover sings to me
When our shades have barely drawn
Our love, softly, flew like water into the sea
When I bleed I drink the fading sun

Which is especially clear when we hit the chorus. Abruptly, but not unpleasantly, the tempo changes as Aremu sings, “Gonna make my Getaway/ Don’t say goodbye, no time to waste”—the lyrics and instrumentals directly mirroring each other. The change in tempo acts as an escape from the rest of the song as much as the lyrics are a declaration of getting away from an ordinary life and a humdrum lover.

Gonna make my Getaway
Don’t say goodbye, no time to waste
I don’t need this, I don’t need this,
I don’t need this, I don’t need this

Blending sounds evocative of ‘60s pop, dreamy lo-fi, and jangly folk as it builds, “Getaway” creates a cocktail of sunny sounds. The song’s slowing and quickening of pace captures the dreamy freedom of the season, making it perfect for summer road tips and travels.

Following Aremu’s last croon of “No matter how much some things stay the same / The secret of life is that seasons change,” the song’s closing crescendo ends up becoming its crowning jewel. Instead of swirling out, the closing is wrapped in bells and flutelike sounds, hearkening back to more orchestral, baroque pop sounds directly reminiscent of the good old flower power of the 1960s. Talk about ending on a high note.

In “Getaway,” War Violet captures the magical dreaminess of summertimes both past and present and transports us there. If this is any indication of what’s to come in the upcoming EP, we’re all there, and can’t wait to see what War Violet puts out next.

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Getaway - album art © Kat Weiss
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