Premiere: Falling “In Love Again” with Yukon Blonde’s Seductive Summer Dream

Yukon Blonde © 2020
Yukon Blonde © 2020
Yukon Blonde’s mesmerizing “In Love Again” is ever-present, a product of timeless energies and buoyant emotions that transcends the moment to capture a nostalgic, refreshing, familiar, and seductive romance.
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Some love songs dwell in the past, expressing fleeting moments from distant memories to capture that special feeling you once felt. Other love songs embrace the here and now, dwelling in the experience as it’s happening in real time and vividly portraying all those little things that add up to a great love story. Yukon Blonde’s mesmerizing new love song is ever-present, a product of timeless energies and emotions that transcends the moment to capture a nostalgic, refreshing, familiar, and seductive romance. Buoyant, immersive, and sonically stunning, “In Love Again” will have all of us falling (ahem) in love again.

In Love Again - Yukon Blonde
In Love Again – Yukon Blonde
I love the way you hold my hand
Not traditional but then again
Nothing in our lives is ever then
It’s the way I want I want my time spent
I love it when You wake me up
Not abrasive now but rather soft
And I know I am a little rough
I’m addicted to the coffee love

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “In Love Again,” Yukon Blonde’s dreamy second single of 2020. A burst of bright psychedelia channeled through a warm alternative lens, “In Love Again” follows the Vancouver band’s 2020 return “Get Precious” – their first studio offering since 2018’s fourth album Critical Hit – which has already risen to #2 on the CBC Music Top 20, and for good reason: The groovy outpouring of feverish feeling and hot psych pop is exactly the kind of tonic this summer needs. Both songs represent an exciting and strong return for Yukon Blonde – the Canadian quintet of Jeff Innes, James Younger, Brandon Wolfe-Scott, Graham Jones, and Rebecca Grey.

If “Get Precious” is the band’s show of dynamic talent, then “In Love Again” is their display of passion and tenderness. The intimate outpouring is sweet and soulful, a heartfelt exploration of that most universal sensation we know all too well. It’s the tie that binds us closest – a state of mind and heart many of us swear off, only to (perhaps begrudgingly, but ultimately willingly) return to again, and again, and again. It’s also a first for the group, seeing keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Gray take over the spotlight with sensational lead vocals. She soars with grace and alluring conviction in the song’s sweet, sentimental chorus:

Oh if the sun is shining down
We could be out
I told myself I would never write
Another love song forever
But here I am in love again
I told my friends I would always end up
Alone again but here I am in love again

“‘In Love Again is every bit as chaotic, nostalgic, and sentimental as all love stories, new and old,” Gray tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s the complexities of navigating a relationship; the way you carve a place of tenderness for one another, about how sometimes, cacophony and complexity can come together seamlessly, beautifully. It’s a real departure from the rest of our new material, but a lovely song that we’re all immensely proud of.”

Not only is the song’s lyrical content universal, but also its music is temporally ageless. Adjacent in sound to the likes of Alvvays and Tennis, its radiant vocal harmonies and reverb-laden guitar plucks feel as though they were lovingly plucked from the late ’60s or early ’70s, and given a fresh wash for the 2020 audience. Needless to say, it’s the kind of love song we can bask in, dwelling in its effervescent light and glowing heat on repeat. Psychedelic, grounded, and achingly sincere, “In Love Again” is utterly and uncompromisingly irresistible.

I don’t like it when you go to work
Guess I miss you I could just be bored
I’ll be productive I know this for sure
When you’re around I guess I don’t do more
You tell me when I’m not around
That I should keep myself from getting down
I appreciate the sentiment
but I don’t know if I can relent

“This track began as a fun experiment when we were jamming,” Jeff Innes explains. “We were trying to have three or four separate melodies that when played together sounded nice, but didn’t make much sense when apart. I came up with the melody and lyrics, pacing the parking lot of our space and as usual hummed it into a voice memo on my iPhone. I had the idea knocking around my head to write a love song that detailed the simple day to day aspects of a newish relationship, normal things you value once you’ve been through the ringer.”

“The moment I had the melody in my mind, it reminded me of classic French pop and Rebecca instantly came to mind to sing it; then I thought about all of those wonderful ’60s and ’70s duets from that time, (and recently too – Cate Le Bon and Broadcast come to mind) and the song began to take shape. We ALL love this song. It’s a really sweet ode to honest love without irony, which is typically not in our nature. Not to mention, we have our very talented Rebecca making her debut lead, which just makes this extra special to us.”

Many of us have fallen out of love, swearing it off only to fall headfirst right back into its grasp. “In Love Again” is charmingly seductive in its innocence and vulnerability, sweeping us off our feet and out into an adventure of romance and possibility. We don’t know where love will take us, but there’s only one way to find out: Stream Yukon Blonde’s celestial new bloom exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Truly, it will get you ready and willing to put your heart back on the line.

Oh and now the sun is going down
We can sleep forever
I told myself I would never write
Another love song forever
But here I am in love again
I told my friends I would always end up
Alone again but here I am in love again

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Stream: “In Love Again” – Yukon Blonde

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In Love Again - Yukon Blonde

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