Today’s Song: Confronting Negativity in Ella Vos’ New Single “You Don’t Know About Me”

You Don't Know About Me - Ella Vos

Ella Vos first appeared on my radar with her intimate, reflective single “Little Brother,” that explores the shifting relationship stages of siblings throughout life. Her fairy-like iridescence lured me in, and the contemplative lyrics solidified my place as the newest Ella Vos fan. She’s a mermaid who engulfs you in melody to which only her lyrics can fill your lungs with air.

Earlier this May, Vos dropped “You Don’t Know About Me,” another breezy, cyclical track to add to her growing collection of electro-pop hits. Yet, “You Don’t Know About Me” veers away from Vos’s typical questioning of relationships and faces one head on.

You don’t know what you talk about
It’s all lies that come out your mouth
Cause I wake up, this is my body
this is my world
We can’t wait till you come around
Say what you’re gonna say
I don’t care anyway
“You Don’t Know About Me” – Ella Vos
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It’s intriguing how ethereal her music sounds, yet she finds grounding in the physicality of waking up and her body. It’s as if the spiteful, intangible lies evaporate in the morning as her pure, tangible figure is reborn. Once Vos is reborn this push and pull phenomenon leaves her, and she’s resolute in her feelings toward ‘you,’ which differs from her treatment of the anonymous ‘you’ in her hit single, “White Noise.” In “You Don’t Know About Me,” Vos isn’t waiting for a response or even leaving the conversation open for negotiation.

You don’t know about me
You don’t know how hard I try
You don’t know about me
Why the hell should you decide
You don’t know about everything going on inside
Ella Vos © 2017
Ella Vos © 2017

At first, the temptation to classify this story as a classic high-school Mean Girls scenario itches at my fingertips, but Ella Vos’ entrancing lyrical history urges me to dig deeper. Considering the vagueness of the story, one could apply it to any situation of coming into one’s own. Vos cements herself away from negative talk, perceptions, and people in order to find her place within the world, and perhaps the industry. The chorus repeats as a mantra throughout the rest of the wistful anthem similar to the never-wavering synth beat. The cyclical nature creates a sense of exhilarated clarity by the end, and Vos has convinced us, herself, and the nameless ‘you’ of her independent complexity and inability to be labeled.

Connect with Ella Vos via her socials below, and catch her on tour this month on the East Coast – dates below!

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You Don't Know About Me - Ella Vos

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