Premiere: Young Sierra’s “Dream On,” a Love Letter to Doomed Romance

Young Sierra © 2017
Young Sierra © 2018

Love isn’t always a two-way street; sometimes you cannot help but to fall for someone you can never have, whether they’re the crush of your dreams or light of your fantasy. UK trio Young Sierra capture the angst of ill-fated love in their heartfelt indie pop jam “Dream On,” a musically lush, emotionally heavy tapestry tinged with hope and sadness.

Looking at you
You already know
That I’m onside, yeah I’m addicted to you
In this kind of light, yeah
And the feeling’s got the best of me
and now I see that she’s still leaving
In this kind of light
Face in the shade
Look what we’ve made,
yeah I’m addicted to you
Just for tonight, yeah.
And the feeling’s got the best of me
and now I see that she’s still leaving
Listen: “Dream On” – Young Sierra
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Dream On,” the title track off Manchester-cum-London alt-pop trio Young Sierra’s forthcoming debut album (out 2018). A pulsing vibe (a la The 1975) courses through a vibrant sonic landscape filled with reverb-laden guitars and shimmering keys as the newcomer trio provoke and protest. “Dream On” is intimate, a mesmerizing experience that draws us closer to Young Sierra’s blazing fire.

Dream On - Young Sierra
Dream On – Young Sierra
You know that I am
What you need from me
It’s something so predictable,
It’s something feels so right
‘Cause you know that I
Can take you where you need to be
My glass is already half full,
So take it when you leave

“It’s about falling for someone you know will reject you,” Ben – who plays alongside James and Jonny –  says of “Dream On.” “Almost like a love letter to doomed romance.” Young Sierra’s track is unnervingly catchy; you’ll be singing along to this love letter of doomed romance before the song is through, yet what makes “Dream On” all the more powerful is that, in spite of the upbeat melody and lyrical repetition, the distraught feeling behind the song manages to break through. We feel the narrator’s pain – a deep darkness that simply refuses to abate.

Looking at you
But we’re not the same
And you feel it you, yeah I’m addicted to you
Just for one night, yeah.
And the feeling’s got the best of me
and now I see that she’s still leaving.
Skin under silk
I’m so glad you came
We’re always the same, and I’m addicted to you.
Always the night, yeah.
And the feeling’s got the best of me
and now I see that she’s still leaving.

Sometimes, love just sucks. You can’t win, but you can’t shake the feeling, either – and we feel this condemned cycle within “Dream On,” where Young Sierra are stuck within a circle of passionate desire and poignant longing. They’re locked into a sensation with no escape, and though it certainly feels good to feel so strongly for someone else, unrequited love is nothing to aspire toward.

What we can aspire toward is hearing even more of Young Sierra next year. In classic Oh Wonder fashion, the band will be releasing one song per month throughout 2018, so there are plenty of synth-glazed melodies and heart throb sentiments to look forward to in the new year. For now, bask in the dynamic heat of Young Sierra’s brand new single, “Dream On.”

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Dream On - Young Sierra

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