Premiere: CHNNLL’s Hauntingly Delicate “Caution Sign”

CHNNLL © 2017
CHNNLL © 2017

Of the few people who love you in this world, you want to believe the one at your side has your back through thick and thin, forever and always. Still, every relationship meets its lionshare of challenges, and together both parties must overcome what life throws their way in order to survive. With a fragile ambiance, CHNNLL’s evocative new song “Caution Sign” is a reminder that love takes hard work, dedication, and perhaps most of all, trust and faith.

Put up your caution sign, you know what’s in store
I cannot take, another closed door.
You know we ran the night, well it’s all right.
I know we’ll run it again… Sometime.
Listen: “Caution Sign” – CHNNLL
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Caution Sign,” CHNNLL’s hauntingly delicate new single. The artistic moniker for NYC-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Davidson, CHNNLL (pronounced ‘channel’) was previously featured on Atwood Magazine this May with our premiere for his 2017 debut “The River,” a song whose heartfelt pulse and undercurrent of unavoidable truth “invites us to contemplate our relationship with memory, the past and the present.” It was CHNNLL’s acknowledgement that life is a one-way street, so-to-speak.

CHNNLL’s final single of the year captures more somber late-night thoughts, this time in the form of reflection on the ups and downs of a relationship. A very quiet, subtle and warm-textured song, “Caution Sign” questions the endurance of a relationship in the wake of communication breakdowns and emotional obstacles.

Caution Sign - CHNNLL
Caution Sign – CHNNLL
You I just can’t say, what’s bothering me.
What’s bothering you?
You know we’ll be all right,
we can’t loose this fight.

You gotta swallow your pride,
while I’m swallowing mine.

You gotta swallow your pride while I’m swallowing mine,” Davidson sings. If you haven’t experienced this exact feeling in your relationship, I promise: It will come. “Caution Sign” is a solid lesson in communication and humility for everyone out there who’s too stubborn to back down or concede. Being right doesn’t always matter, especially if something more meaningful and special is at risk.

CHNNLL concurs: “To me, ‘Caution Sign’ is saying that everyone has faults and insecurities and that nothing will bring them to light more than being in a relationship with someone else. Life will test you both, and at times you have to swallow your pride. Most importantly, you need to have a burning love for each other to grow together and make it all work.”

Spoken like an expert. (Then again, isn’t everyone a relationship expert after awhile?)

Will you burn for me, the way that I burn for you?
Will you burn for me, the way that I burn for you?
Will you burn for me, the way that I burn for you?
Will you burn for me, the way that I burn, burn… For you.

Chills will inevitably overcome you through this listening experience: CHNNLL’s “Caution Sign” is, in keeping with the artist’s style, a deeply personal song with a resounding, conclusive message. Stay tuned for more from Chris Davidson’s creative mind next year, and for now, enjoy the intimate outpourings of “Caution Sign,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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CHNNLL © 2017
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CHNNLL Flows Through Life, Time, & Memory on “The River”

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