Atwood In Focus: November 20th New Music

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/20/2015

This week’s new music releases

November 20, 2015

featuring Crywolf, CHI, Allie X, ALXNDR, Good Night Gold Dust & more!

Playlist of the Week – Atwood Magazine

Caraclysm – Crywolf

Alessia Cara

Know-It-All tells a story: It is relentless in its examination of life through the lens. From past to present, we grow up alongside Alessia Cara, and it is this transparent attempt at authenticity that makes Know-It-All perhaps the most relatable record of the year. It resonates with every teenager searching for an identity – and all teenagers are searching for an identity. Cara toasts to the loners – the teens who haven’t yet found their place in the world. Any 19-year-old can empathize and sing along to Cara’s music with confidence, finding comfort in a girl who refuses to conform to anything.

Watch: “Here” – Alessia Cara

Listen: “Pledge Allegiance” – CLAVVS

Burns & Bridges – CHI

XIII – Cloves

Good Night Gold Dust – Good Night Gold Dust

Watch: “When We Were Young” (Live at The Church Studios) – Adele

purchase Adele’s 25 on iTunes

Golden Age – The Electric Sons

Catch – Allie X

Riley Pearce

The haunting soundscape that Riley Pearce has managed to produce reflects and supports the dream of many: To be brave.

Watch: “Brave” – Riley Pearce

Listen: “Borrowed Time” – Frances

Listen: Paper Kiss / Sober – The Island Club


Sprinter – Kaptan

Jamie N Commons

Passion drives people to do great things. It is what drove 27-year-old Jamie N Commons toward a life of music, and it is what kept him working, every day, on his forthcoming debut album for the past two+ years. That same passion bursts through like a relentless ray of rock ‘n’ roll sunshine on “Marathon,” Commons’ new, groovy single. Constantly pushing forward while exercising considerable restraint, “Marathon” showcases Jamie N Commons in all the right ways, exhibiting his smooth-yet-gritty baritone vocals, his up-to-date, authentic blues-rock fusion, and his tight control over everything from timing to dynamics and energy.

Watch: “Marathon” – Jamie N Commons

XXIX – Wafia

Ten for Ten – Frank Turner


With FIDLAR, there’s never a dull moment. Their second album is proof, finding FIDLAR expanding their sound beyond the traditional boundaries of punk and garage rock while also tackling highly personal subject matter.

Watch: “Leave Me Alone” – FIDLAR

The Incredible True Story – Logic

Side by Side – Natalie Prass

Watch: “Blackstar” – David Bowie

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/20/2015

Atwood in Focus: New Music, 11/20/2015

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