Premiere: Blush FM Dwells in an Intimate Space on Haunting New Single “Move”

Blush FM © Jennifer Medina
Blush FM © Jennifer Medina
A rush of raw, haunting warmth envelops the senses as Blush FM’s dreamy second single “Move” fills the space with a cinematic, hushed beauty.
for fans of The xx, Denny, Radiohead, Lorde
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Blush FM’s new single is dark like Led Zeppelin and brooding like Radiohead, subtle like The xx and intimate like Lorde or James Blake: A rush of raw, haunting warmth envelops the senses as the dreamy “Move” fills the space with a cinematic, hushed beauty.

Move - Blush FM
Move – Blush FM
Just have a question
Can I change your mind
Oh now hold on a second
This is proven hard to find
Will i bend in did I mend in
To what don’t feel right
Can I mention that I’ve put in all of my time

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Move,” Blush FM’s sophomore single (released September 18 via Moon Crawl Records). The musical project for New York artist Andromeda Hewson (form. Midas) reveals a darker melancholy side after debuting with the more upbeat single “Glistening” earlier in July. Both songs offer sneak peaks into Blush FM’s forthcoming debut EP Project A, described as an “account of internal conflicts experienced when in the face of adversity.” Working with producer Matias Quarleri, Hewson has already shown herself to be a versatile vocalist and lyricst willing to dive into the depths of a sound and a song in order to find something meaningful and worth hanging onto.

“‘Move’ deals with allowing one’s self the space to develop their own integrity,” Blush FM tells Atwood Magazine. “It was written in a moment of time where I’d began to explore my judgment and instincts more thoughtfully. “Move” encapsulated that trust in myself, while acknowledging that it doesn’t look the same on everyone.”

I can’t do what you want me to do
I don’t know how to move that way
You don’t see who I wanna be
I only need to see that way
You don’t see just who I wanna be
I only need to see that way
Blush FM © Jennifer Medina
Blush FM’s Andromeda Hewson © Jennifer Medina

A poignant piano accompanies Hewson as she begins her journey into the self, wandering long-lost corridors and wringing a world of aching from her vocal cords. Strings slowly join the fold to expand thefirst chorus, only to fall out (along with the piano) as the song gives way to a cool drum beat and reverb-laden jazz guitars. Back-tracked synths – meaning they were recorded normally, and then reversed – add an extra layer of ethereal mystique to the artist’s performance as she rejects another’s assumptions of her, asserting her being with increasing force:

Now hold one second
This is proven hard mention
Can I ask one more question
Taking all my time
And I bend it and I’ll mend it and uh
Give me one second
Will I bend in did I mend in
To what don’t feel right
Can I mention that I’ve put in
All of my time

Though it may be inspired by doomed love, “Move” is not necessarily about a relationship; rather, it’s about an individual recognizing, owning, and cherishing their personal truth.

It’s an ode to self-love, written through the weight of pressure and haze of self-doubt and uncertainty. The song itself is a voyage from a place of insecurity toward stronger ground as Hewson reckons with her integrity, her desires, her body, and her mind.

Whereas “Glistening” expressed the artist’s pop sensibilities, “Move” is an experimental dream come true: An indulgence in the darker side of sound and emotion, full of breathtaking stretches where the audience is left to sit and dwell in the ebb and flow of pulsing synths or soft, atmospheric pianos. The song is, altogether, a marvel to experience and an assertion of Blush FM’s artistic promise and prowess.

Folks in the New York area can catch Blush FM this fall opening for Mustardmind at C’mon Everybody on November 1st. For now, stream Blush FM’s “Move” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Move” – Blush FM

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Move - Blush FM

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