Premiere: “baby, get your ticket” Is Tarune’s Tender, Soul-Stirring Mantra of Love & Longing

Tarune © Bellamy Brewster
Tarune © Bellamy Brewster
Tarune’s achingly intimate and breathtakingly vulnerable “baby, get your ticket” is a soft, soul-stirring ballad of love and longing taken off the NYC singer/songwriter’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘let him cry.’
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Love isn’t always a shout-it-from-the-rooftops experience; often it’s in our quietest moments that we express our deepest emotions.

Tarune’s latest single is the perfect example: Achingly intimate and breathtakingly vulnerable, “baby, get your ticket” is a soft, soul-stirring ballad of love, longing, connection, and raw passion. It’s an eruption of feeling sung not with gusto or bravado, but with tenderness and care; and it’s in the fragility of the moment that Tarune captures the magnitude, the power, and the depth of his love.

baby, get your ticket - Tarune
baby, get your ticket – Tarune
Baby get your ticket and come on home
Baby get your ticket and come on home
Forgot our rain coats
Dogs with sore throats
We don’t have the disease
Deep breaths, it’ll cease
And its gone, gone, gone, til, tomorrow
Hours on the phone,
Not the same to go home
You spent some time away
I’m countin’ the days
Til’ you’ll come, back, to me, soon

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “baby, get your ticket,” Tarune’s first single of the year and the lead single off his forthcoming debut EP, let him cry (out later this year). The solo music project of East Village, New York City-based singer/songwriter Giullian Yao Gioiello, Tarune debuted in 2019 and has been steadily spreading his wings ever since. Writing, performing, and producing everything on his own from his home studio, Tarune’s art is innately intimate, toeing the line “between chanting soulful confessionals and melancholy love poems,” as he likes to call them. Cinematic and yet often stripped back, his songs are the musical manifestations of a heart and soul exposed. Nostalgia is his ally; vulnerability his best friend.

Tarune © Bellamy Brewster
Tarune © Bellamy Brewster

“baby, get your ticket” is quintessential Tarune: His first single of the year and seventh song overall finds the artist dwelling in the depths of longing, wearing his heavy heart on his sleeve as he reaches out to a love who isn’t there. The pain of distance and physical disconnect is brought to life through a delicate and hushed performance that aches with unrelenting intensity; it’s not the person’s presence, but rather their absence that stings so viscerally: A metaphorical hole in Tarune’s life that can’t be filled by anything but them getting their ticket, and coming on home. Tarune spills himself on the page; his words are simple, direct, emotionally potent, and effective not only at expressing his love, but also at expressing his loneliness.

Baby get your ticket, and come, on, home
Baby get your ticket, and come, on, home

“‘baby, get your ticket’ was written like a mantra of love, and also an exclamation of the pain we feel in being apart from the one you love,” Tarune tells Atwood Magazine. “It also touches on my lifelong fears of being alone, a uniquely difficult experience for me most of my life, born into this world as a twin, and growing up without a mother. This one opens up the first releases from my upcoming project, which focuses on my recent awakenings on the ways that maternal abandonment has affected how I learned to love, and left me to constantly run from my own grief growing up.”

“I chose ‘baby, get your ticket’ as the title, as many of my songs are written like a dialogue, or a plea to my lover. Perhaps that’s from my origins as an actor and storyteller, but I love to invite my listeners into these little journal entries, of which many of my songs literally are. This scene is a simple one: I was apart from my lover this last fall, we Facetimed daily as she experienced some triggering situations in returning to her home in Brazil. I often teased her after our long convos, pleading ‘baby, get your ticket!’ which quickly became part of our love routine. The next thing I knew, I had this song to capture that complicated feeling… one of wanting her to come home to me, while doing my best to care for her still from afar.”

Tarune © Bellamy Brewster
Tarune © Bellamy Brewster

“baby, get your ticket” is poetic, heartfelt, and compassionate. Love is at once a selfish and a selfless act, and we feel the concurrent pull of both in Tarune’s enchanting performance:

Red and green burning
Fireworks bursting
It’s the dead of the night
Woke up sweatin’ in fright
I just wanna be be, here, with, you, tonight
The pain and the tough,
The old and the rough
Think you should, spite it all,
Think you, had enough
Had enough, had enough,
had enough, had enough

A lilting lullaby and an impassioned plea, “baby, get your ticket” aches unapologetically as Tarune yearns to be reunited with his love. Maybe then, when they’re finally back together, will he shout from the rooftops; for now, it’s in the whispers that his love is loudest.

Baby get your ticket, and come, on, home
Baby get your ticket, and come, on, home
Oh, baby get your ticket, and come, on, home
Baby get your ticket, and come, on, home

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baby, get your ticket - Tarune

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