Today’s Song: Luca Wilding’s “Ruby, Don’t Cry” Offers Delicate Musings of Life’s Strangers

LUCA WILDING © John Ogunmuyiwa
LUCA WILDING © John Ogunmuyiwa
Through a blend of melodic excellence and lyrical poignancy, Luca Wilding intoxicates on latest single “Ruby, Don’t Cry.”
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Listen: “Ruby, Don’t Cry” – Luca Wilding

Whether it is by walking down a street or riding in a train, thousands of lives – stories – pass by each day, all of which are coveted treasures that can hopefully be told. Until then, enthusiastic imaginations will suffice in sating one’s own curiosity, and for Luca Wilding, he acts on this imagination, and he does so with a nonpareil finesse that makes “Ruby, Don’t Cry” one of 2020’s most alluring ballads.

Ruby, Don’t Cry – Luca Wilding

A brief train encounter with a girl began the chain of events into this song’s creation. “Some time ago, I met a girl on a train. We spoke for a little while, she sketched in my notepad and over a brief journey told my friend that she was unhappy,” explains Wilding on the song’s inception. It’s a testament to the power a mere stranger can hold and how one single story can ripple into the minds of those listening for some time after it has been told. Through unhappiness, Wilding has created beauty, and with each note hit and word sung, listeners fall deeper into the world he has crafted. Luckily, one would be hard-pressed to even consider leaving such a dreamscape.

Harley came by this evening
And he said that he missed me
So I told him nobody ever has
I did not mean to deceive him
When he leaned in to kiss me
By the strip light, with heaven in his hands

Wilding wastes no time in setting up this story of woe, the track’s beginning introducing his dulcet vocals and lulling drum beats with a gracious touch. The rhythm the guitars create is a simple one, and yet it has a fervent grip on the senses, coalescing with the vocals and drums in an ethereal manner. Placidity is Wilding’s weapon, and he brandishes well, resulting in the tender onrushes acting as the perfect vessel to enrapture audiences into his tale.

Ruby don’t cry
For the taste of metal and your priestess’ eye
Your tears dry heavy on her collar tonight
In their blissful way
Oh the shadow she threw
On the backseat leather and your ribbon of blue
The darkness ringing when she turns to you
And she asks you to say
It’s not over
’til the light bends
Around your doorframe
LUCA WILDING © John Ogunmuyiwa
LUCA WILDING © John Ogunmuyiwa

It’s immediately apparent Wilding has a gift for storytelling. His words paint images of the highest quality in listeners’ minds, detailed canvases that act as the window into the eyes of his characters. Though melancholic, there rests within “Ruby, Don’t Cry” an understated warmth that allows for further enchantment, and it does so with immense gusto. This fireside chat only grows in intensity as Wilding continues on with Ruby’s experience, Wilding’s delicate incantations acting as an ever gentle guide.

I said, “I’m leaving on Tuesday”
He was wordless and breathless
I watched the sun in the river of his eyes
Still, he could not refuse me,
In the room where they dressed us
On the bed that his letters had described

The control he possesses over his intoning is proof enough of his artistic merit – each new stanza just another opportunity to intoxicate with unbridled passion and sincerity. A sonically induced dream state arrives as the track nears its end, Wilding escaping the spotlight for a moment, giving the instruments an opportunity to swarm the ears with a dynamic roar. And that’s exactly what they do. This bustling soundscape arrives and exits with true form, and through its exit arrives Wilding once more as he begins to waft listeners down from their otherworldly dreams. An apology acts as an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point. And with his final words sung, it was over. Ruby is gone as fast as she arrived.

Draw me nearer ruby with that heartache in your eye ah-ah-eye-eyes
Ruby came by to see me
And she said she was sorry
So I told her nobody ever is

A master-crafted piece of music, “Ruby, Don’t Cry” excels at providing an emotive fantasy that both saddens and delights. Wilding’s talent and musicality are on full display, further proving that he is an artist in which the music industry is privileged to have joined its ranks.

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Listen: “Ruby, Don’t Cry” – Luca Wilding

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