Premiere: Bre Kennedy Unleashes “Slippin” with High Energy & Resolve

An explosive indie pop jam, Bre Kennedy’s emphatic outpouring “Slippin” is an anthem of perseverance for dealing with the passing of time.

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As we age, the phrase “time keeps on slippin’ into the future” feels ever more relatable: Days, weeks, months and years pass us by, and what do we have to show for it? We had – and still have – big dreams; goals, propelled by youthful ambition, we thought we’d have hit by now. Life never goes as planned, and for us millennials – those who grew up with faster and faster access to pretty much everything in our lives – the passing of time is a truly dreadful concept.

An explosive indie pop jam, Bre Kennedy’s emphatic outpouring “Slippin” is an anthem of perseverance for dealing with the passing of time.

Slippin - Bre Kennedy
Slippin – Bre Kennedy
Every night spinning wheels
my mind is racing

never mind all the pills
that I’ve been taking

product of my generation
give me the high
that I’ve been chasing

trying to get it right

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Slippin,” Bre Kennedy’s first single of 2019 (independently released earlier this month on International Women’s Day). A co-writer on Nina Nesbitt‘s massive comeback single “Somebody Special,” Bre Kennedy has been splitting her time over the past few years, working on songs for other artists while steadily crafting her own debut EP, Jealous of Birds (out this spring). Co-written with Kyle Dreaden and Hadley Kennary, “Slippin” finds the Nashville artist coming into her own as a young pop force.

With heavy bass pulsing below and Kennedy’s piercing voice driving above, “Slippin” rings out with the urgency of a millennial realizing the rapid-fire speed of the internet and and technology’s change doesn’t apply to life itself.

“‘Slippin’ is my quarter life crisis song,” Kennedy tells Atwood Magazine. “It just seemed so heavy to turn another year older at the time I wrote “Slippin” and I wanted to find a way to dance through it. As a young woman in the music industry, the concept of “aging” and getting older can bring feelings of fear and anxiety, and I wanted to write a song that celebrates the things I can’t control, it’s much more fun that way.”

Bre Kennedy © Jason Lee Denton
Bre Kennedy © Jason Lee Denton
Am I getting colder
time is just slippin through my hands
cause I’m getting older
nothing is going as I planned
every love I’ve ever lost
was just another line to cross
for reasons I’m not made to understand
it’s time

Her anxiety comes into full view in an exuberant chorus full of charming energy. Rather than drowning herself in fears and sorrows, Kennedy bears a smile and shakes it off as best she can. Why dwell in the negatives when there’s so much to be positive about?

Slippin through my hands but
I don’t wanna say it
I kind of hate it
it’s fine, it’s time
just slippin through my hands
I don’t wanna face it
I kind of hate it
but it’s fine, it’s time

I don’t wanna face it, I kind of hate it, but it’s fine,” Kennedy sings, embracing what she’s got and telling herself it’s enough.

As progressive as some of us want 2019 to be, we’re still living in a repressive society with plenty of should-be antiquated values.

Filmed in her own bedroom and throughout her version of Nashville, the “Slippin” music video captures Bre Kennedy in her natural place: “I shot the music video for ‘Slippin’ with my dear friend, Jason Lee Denton, who has seen me grow into the artist I am today. (ALMOST) every place in this video holds meaning to me here in Nashville. The places I lived in when I first decided to drive across the country from California to Nashville, the studio that helped me grow as an artist and my actual room where I write most of my ideas and sift through real life stuff. Nashville helped me grow into the artist I am today because of the community, and I wanted to dance through it.”

Bre Kennedy © Jason Lee Denton
Bre Kennedy © Jason Lee Denton
I let go of this chronic expectation
never know if it’s progress i’ve been making
wish I could see where I’ve been going
I wanna keep collecting moments
build a silver lining

We may not be where we wanted to be, but there’s a lot to be thankful for where we are now. Life is all about adaption and evolution, and “Slippin” shares a valuable lesson in coming to terms with our fears and wants, while still facing the future with a beaming smile.

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Slippin - Bre Kennedy

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