Today’s Song: The Agonizing, Underlying Truth in Aisha Badru’s Video for “Bridges”

Aisha Badru © Neda Bridgeman
Aisha Badru © Neda Bridgeman
Deeply emotive and refreshingly real, Aisha Badru’s “Bridges” reminds us that even when personal anxieties, apprehensions, and doubts cloud our judgement, love is always worth sticking through it.

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New York born singer-songwriter Aisha Badru released her stunning music video “Bridges” last week, and we’re here to reiterate that – it’s stunning. “Bridges” serves as the lead single from her debut album out early 2018. Using airy, electronic, and folk elements, Aisha truly takes the breath out of your lungs. We swim through the rippling brook of violins, piano keys, and synths to reach an oasis of melodic harmony. If the audio component wasn’t enough to help you fall under Badru’s spell, watch the poignant music video for “Bridges” below.

Watch: “Bridges” – Aisha Badru

“Bridges” opens similar to other music videos – depicting a young, happy couple blissfully in love. We see them enjoy the simple moments of loving someone including brushing your teeth or riding the subway. It feels comfortable and safe, but from Badru’s lyrics we feel like there’s an underlying piece we aren’t seeing.

There’ll be oceans for us to tread
There’ll be bridges for us to mend
But I’ll stick through it
Oh, I swear

When the whispers of the second verse begin, we see three identical versions of our male partner appear behind him. Our female character begins to look pained, agonized, and unsure about the situation. A problem erupts within the charming relationship we’ve been a part of this whole time. The different versions begin to drag him away from his love. As he attempts to fight them off, we realize the problem lies within himself. Even when you adore someone, there are parts of you that hesitate from opening up or taking that next step. The obstacles don’t lie in the outside world, they lie inside the quiet apartment between two people. Sometimes even as hard as one version of yourself attempts to love someone, your head, your fears, or your passions can drag you down the stairs and out of their life.

Aisha Badru © Neda Bridgeman
Aisha Badru © Neda Bridgeman

Badru explains, “Bridges” explores the unwavering persistence it takes to traverse the many obstacles that may appear in even the most picturesque romantic relationships. Often times, the biggest obstacles are ourselves.” Although we see the overcoming obstacles aspect of “Bridges,” the story serves as a two-part commentary on relationships. The track alludes to the promise of always sticking by someone, no matter the circumstances.

But, there’ll be so many years that pass
There’ll be others with greener grass
But I’ll stick through it
Oh, I swear

To me, that’s the more intimidating part about this entire situation. What if I make them leave? What if they find someone better? What if? After empty promises from years of relationships, it’s tough to fully emotionally latch on to a single swear. As agonizing as that is to admit, many humans hesitate to give themselves fully to another because what if they leave. That could even be the hesitation pulling him away from her. Although in the end we reach a happy ending, the whole video is deeply emotive and refreshingly real – two trademarks of Aisha Badru’s craft. “Bridges” reminds us that even when anxieties, apprehensions, and doubts cloud our judgement: love is always worth sticking through it.

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Bridges - Aisha Badru

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