Today’s Song: The Uneasy, Love-Struck Melodies of Inner Wave’s “College Curls”

Inner Wave
Inner Wave

Some of the best songs to date are brilliantly hidden in-between scenes of heart-wrenching romance films. They are carefully selected, and in regards to the chemistry between the two characters, voice words of their love that could not be scripted. We constantly find ourselves inevitably distracted by the alluring pull of these scenes, so that sounds that lie within them tend to go unnoticed. “College Curls” by Inner Wave may not have taken its place in the soundtrack of a movie yet, but it shares the dire consequence of not getting as much attention as it should.

Inner Wave is a band that has been slowly surfacing from Los Angeles. The band has truly developed their own genre of music that teeters on the edge of shoegaze, synth rock, but with the aid of haunting vocals, blurs into something else entirely. This is evident in their latest release, Sun Transmission, but can be found throughout their earlier works in which they experimented with a variety of hypnotic, hollow sounds.

Listen: “College Curls” – Inner Wave

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College Curls” is a poignant tale of the aftermath of heartbreak, and perhaps one of the best tracks the band has made. Inner Wave highlights the agony of a devastated man in the emotional lyrics by keeping things simple, yet portraying an overwhelming emptiness. It is painful to hear, but so poetic that it moves the heart in ways that contradict the meaning behind the words.

Talking ‘bout girls it’s naturally empty
Our friends come and go they make the most of me
I want you more and more but you do not know
Our time is running out I can’t seem to let you go

Oh when you go I’ll be around
It makes me bleed and cry when things get down
Oh when you go I’ll be around
It hurts to know that I’ll be on the ground

Dark was the sky tingly and cold
Honest is my lie all my friends are animals
I can’t remember when I don’t remember why
I fell inside your web as I looked into your eyes

Oh when you go I’ll be around
It makes me bleed and cry when things get down
Oh when you go I’ll be around
It hurts to know that I’ll be on the ground

Not alone
We’re not alone

Girl of mine
Why do you leave me
But still I try
It’s hard to be here

Inner Wave
Inner Wave

While the lyrics scream a narrative constructed with every bit of anguish and misery, the mesmeric melody behind the words conveys a feeling of safety and security within the sound. The soothing howls that accompany the lyrics as background vocals may convince someone that they were falling in love. Lyrics may say one thing, but the way it speaks to your heart is up to you. “College Curls” may be filled with misery, but the relatability that lies within the words could be exactly what brings someone to believe that their love is real. Being human can mean a number of things, but it has proved in a multitude of ways that we are all susceptible to our own emotions (and often times the emotions of others).

“College Curls” awakens the heartache that reminds you of the person that you love, and chimes that the love is indeed alive whenever you see them. Many have mastered the art of being lyrical geniuses, but not many have been able to cause the evocation of a variety of emotions. Inner Wave has done that and more in this song, so be sure to have a listen below and be on the lookout for future music from the band!

College Curls - Inner Wave
College Curls – Inner Wave
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