Premiere: Sink into Serenity on Dolfiin Alexander’s Debut Single “High Noon”

Dolfiin Alexander © Kadri Koop
Dolfiin Alexander © Kadri Koop
Tranquility reigns supreme on California singer/songwriter Dolfiin Alexander’s debut single “High Noon,” a sunny and hypnotizing indie folk enchantment radiating summer heat and solitude.
Stream: “High Noon” – Dolfiin Alexander

Tranquility reigns supreme on Dolfiin Alexander’s debut single, inviting all to sit back, relax, and sink into deep pools of serenity and zen. A sunny and hypnotizing indie folk enchantment, “High Noon” radiates summer heat and solitude as a fresh-faced West Coast songwriter introduces himself for the very first time.

High Noon - Dolfiin Alexander
High Noon – Dolfiin Alexander
Sunny day
High noon
The ground moves

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “High Noon,” Dolfiin Alexander’s debut single and the lead single off his forthcoming debut album, Rainbow Days (out July 30, 2021).  The moniker for Northern California native Paolo Mancasola, Dolfiin Alexander is a singer/songwriter enmeshed in music’s experiential qualities. His music envelops the ears in an immersive, compelling atmospherics; he gives his organic and electronic sounds the room to grow and realize their emotional potential, while letting his voice act as much like an ambient instrument, as a vessel of meaning through lyrics.

Alexander describes his own work as meditative folk pop, and that certainly holds for his debut – a song that rises, from folksy acoustic guitar and piano, into a lush, tempered swell of evocative, soothing upheaval. “High Noon,” per the artist’s team, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the California coast at golden hour: “It’s a moment of reverie, and the accompanying visual, shot while traveling up through the State, matches the atmosphere perfectly.”

Rainbow Days - Dolfiin Alexander
Rainbow Days – Dolfiin Alexander

“I was living in Sicily when COVID hit and I quickly returned to my hometown in Redding, CA,” Dolfiin Alexander tells Atwood Magazine. “I spent the first two weeks in quarantine, and ‘High Noon’ came to me as a result of some solitary unwinding. The calming sounds were perhaps a way to meditate on that moment in time.”

How does it feel Babe?
I feel great
I feel good

Born out of time alone, “High Noon” certainly feels like a soundtrack to getting lost in one’s own thoughts. Its easy ebbs and flows foster a venue in which the listener can relax their minds and let go for a while.

“I did a lot of walking every day to find a way to process what was happening in the world,” the artist says of his time writing this song. “I was lucky to have a lot of natural space around me. As I was spending most of my time alone I would lay around trees, think and hum as a way of meditation. The lyrics came quickly after spending enough time playing around with simple chords on the guitar. I wanted the lyrics to be minimalistic so that the music could really fill the space and the feeling, instead of the words overpowering the sound.”

I wanted the lyrics to be minimalistic so that the music could really fill the space and the feeling, instead of the words overpowering the sound.

Dolfiin Alexander © Kardi Koop
Dolfiin Alexander © Kadri Koop

There’s something mystical and wondrous about “High Noon” and Dolfiin Alexander.

The heat, passion, and spirit of the West Coast comes to life in a mellow, moving song that gets us wherever we need to go. Ambient and easy-flowing, Dolfiin Alexander’s debut is a perfectly timed soundtrack for a summer we have so desperately longed for – and an ideal way to introduce an album built on both intimate self-expression, as well as abstraction.

Dolfiin Alexander’s Rainbow Days is out July 30, 2021. For now, stream his debut single “High Noon” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and get lost in a beautiful moment of peace, calm, and stillness.

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Stream: “High Noon” – Dolfiin Alexander

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High Noon - Dolfiin Alexander

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