Premiere: The Cathartic Weight of Forced Random’s “Discipline (When You Collapse)”

Forced Random © Amelia Grace Eve
Forced Random © Amelia Grace Eve

It may not be society’s favorite topic of conversation, but we humans are delicate, fragile beings – not just physically, but emotionally as well. Everyone has internal and external baggage; it’s no surprise that dark songs are often the most relatable. Forced Random’s heavy, heartfelt new song “Discipline (When You Collapse)” offers a solid foundation for those on rocky ground.

Discipline when you collapse,
when you collapse.
Learn to love yourself
more than that,
If you’re afraid of him.
“Discipline (When You Collapse)” – Forced Random
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Discipline (When You Collapse),” the latest single from Forced Random. The musical project of London singer and songwriter Oliver Girdler, Forced Random provides a soundtrack to our doldrums: Experimental lo-fi and warm alternative melodies muddle grays with deep blues, warm violets, and poignant greens. His first release since June 2016’s Overthink Overact Overshare EP finds the young artist embracing an anchor from the depths of a murky darkness.

Discipline - Forced Random
Discipline – Forced Random
So when it lays you out
and you are forced to chose
who to lose,
Have you got the discipline
when you collapse?
Don’t be afraid of him
of him
of him

“I was lying on the bathroom floor naked after having a pretty nasty panic attack,” recounts Girdler, “where the loudest voice in my head was weighing up my options… At that point, something a friend had said to me a couple of days before came into my head on loop: Oliver, have you got the discipline when you’re having a collapse?

“This quickly resulted in me having a cold rinse in the sink, putting some clothes on and going for a very long walk through the night whilst i repeated those words as some sort of mantra into a voice memo on my phone… I think the following day I put it to music.”

A mellow drone persists throughout “Discipline (When You Collapse),” creating an unstable background that erratically punctures the airwaves with uneasy, penetrative sound. A shaky voice – nearly a whisper – enters, slowly uttering words it knows it should believe, but has yet to fully embrace. “Discipline when you collapse,” sings Girdler, repeating “when you collapse” for extra internalization and emphasis. Atlas begs to be relieved of his burden, writhing under the crushing weight of an unstoppable force.

“Discipline (When You Collapse)” is fragile, a piece of glass ready to shatter at any moment. That constant, unbearably dense tension is both relatable and beautiful. And while it represents a cathartic mantra for its creator, the song itself is a comforting vessel to all who listen. It is a reminder that we are not alone and an important introspective reflection on inner strength.

So when it lays you out, and you are forced to chose who to lose, have you got the discipline when you collapse?

Enjoy Forced Random’s moving new song, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Discipline - Forced Random

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