Video Premiere: Whispertown’s “Can’t Stop Cryin’,” a Bittersweet Farewell

Whispertown © Jake Bellows
Whispertown © Jake Bellows

It’s okay to cry: For happy and sad moments alike, tears are our bodies’ natural way of expressing complex emotions. They are a cathartic (literal) outpouring of feeling; there’s nothing quite like a good cry. Whispertown’s poignant “Can’t Stop Cryin’” captures the power, meaning and importance of tears.

I can’t stop crying
When something’s sad
I can’t stop crying
When something makes me feel bad
I can’t stop crying
When something’s funny
When something’s happy
When something’s true
I can’t stop crying over you
Watch: “Can’t Stop Cryin'” – Whispertown

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Can’t Stop Cryin,” off Whispertown’s recently-released album I’m A Man (out now on Graveface Records). Looking back on the past often has the peculiar effect of halting one’s present; we absorb ourselves in things that once were, which can never be again.

Like the warmth of someone’s face as they smiled into your eyes.

The faint brush of skin that comes before a first kiss.

I'm A Man - Whispertown
I’m A Man – Whispertown
And over him
And over her
I’ve never met them
But I know for sure
There’s something real
Once you break the seal
I can’t stop crying because I feel
Happy or sad or wonderfully mad
I can’t stop crying for the times we’ve had

“There seems to be a deepening desire for truth in the air. And when some kind of inherent truth reveals itself, it seems to strike an instant chord. Direct hit to the heart,” reflects Morgan Nagler, the artist behind the moniker Whispertown. “There is real beauty in something true. Even if the event inspiring contact with this truth is actually tragic and depressing. Being in touch on a deeper level is like hitchhiking naked in the snow, in a foreign land. You’re really putting yourself out there. And the ultimate result is often tears. But that can be a good thing.”

“Can’t Stop Cryin'” isn’t necessarily a sad song; it’s an observation of sadness with regard to something special and important. The artist’s stark black-and-white music video, directed by Morgan’s Brother (who just so happens to be Whispertown’s brother), perfectly blends a shared history with the present. “In this video we start to blend all the emotions into one beautiful truth. And I think it ends up lightening the mood,” Nagler says.

It’s all the same
There is no game
Win or lose
Even you
Gotta choose
To stay alive
Or let it die
Either way I
Happy or sad or wonderfully mad
I can’t stop crying for the times we’ve had

Poetic, bittersweet and absolutely authentic, “Can’t Stop Cryin'” is a sure-footed encapsulation of true. Give yourself over to the tears, exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and dive deeper into Whispertown’s I’m A Man through the links below!

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I'm A Man - Whispertown

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