Premiere: Fretland’s Heartfelt “Do You Think of Me” Is a Song of Utter Intimacy & Longing

Do You Think Of Me - Fretland
Do You Think Of Me - Fretland
A delicate acoustic folk song, FRETLAND’s new single “Do You Think of Me” is an achingly heartfelt outpouring of tender intimacy and connection.
Stream: “Do You Think of Me” – Fretland
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Do you think of me? Do you think it’s a possibility I could make you happy?

A delicate acoustic folk song, FRETLAND’s new single is an achingly heartfelt outpouring of tender intimacy and connection. Fresh, raw, and stirring, “Do You Think of Me” is nuanced and vulnerable – a poignant, no-nonsense take on chemistry, relationships, and the human condition.

Do You Think Of Me - Fretland
Do You Think of Me – FRETLAND
Last song is over, there goes the band
still you’re standing close to me
Would i be night to believe?
that you see what i see?
Do you think of me?
Do you think it’s a possibility,
that I could make you happy?
I could make you happy

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Do You Think of Me,” the sophomore single off FRETLAND’s forthcoming second studio album. The four-piece band from Snohomish, Washington introduced themselves just a year ago in October, catching ears and eyes for their gorgeous Americana / folk / roots sound. Fronted by Hillary Grace Fretland and rounded out by bassist Jake Haber, guitarist Luke Francis, and drummer Kenny Bates, FRETLAND released their self-titled debut album just this past summer, in the wake of a long and steady stream of beautiful and affecting singles.

In premiering the song “Heaven” this past February, Atwood praised the band and their sound: “From their very first single, the group established themselves as a hybrid in-between the rock and folk spheres, with a definitive predilection for heavy beats, massive outpourings of tension, and subtler nuance. ‘Heaven’ is a perfect example of these balanced forces at play, finding Fretland dwelling in a somber, light sonic space that eventually evolves into a tidal wave of emotion release.

Fretland - FRETLAND
Fretland’s debut album ‘FRETLAND,’ released May 22, 2020

With their plans waylaid by COVID-19 lockdowns, FRETLAND wasted no time in turning things around and have already begun to tease out a forthcoming second LP. Following October’s gilded lead single “Could Have Loved You,” “Do You Think of Me” finds FRETLAND embracing their raw folk roots. A duet sung by Hillary Grace Fretland and Luke Francis, the song fills the airwaves with lyrics of longing that speak to a deeper, sought-after human connection and understanding:

Well I’d been living a life for one
but feeling time had come to rearrange
you’d been on your own in an alright way
but is it safe to say, feeling the same way
Do you think of me?
Do you think it’s a possibility,
that I could make you happy?
I could make you happy

FRETLAND’s music is bittersweet, their words painting a devastatingly poignant picture of two souls’ intermingling. “Chemistry can be a lot of things; spiritual, physical, fleeting,” Hillary Grace Fretland tells Atwood Magazine. “There’s an obvious connection between these two characters. In my mind they represent a spark that they’ll revisit and replay for a long time. It’s probably unhealthy but I think it’s a lovely mystery and so human.”

Fretland © 2020
Fretland © 2020

Speaking to the song’s creation, she notes, “When we started writing we were already in the process of recording at The Unknown. It started off as just a morning jam session and pretty quickly we felt like it needed to be on the album.”

Luke Francis adds, “To me it’s about that moment, in this case after a show, when you realize you’re feeling this energy with someone and you wonder if they’ve been feeling it too. There’s no knowing for sure; you’re just left with your inclination.”

Fretland follows up Francis’ observation: “Sometimes there’s no reason for why we connect to a perfect stranger. Whether it becomes something more or they disappear into the crowd, it’s just a little bit of magic that is so lovely and human to me. I don’t know if these characters end up together and to me it’s not important. I just wanted a story that leaned into the longing of it all.”

if we were on the same shore,
I would give you more of me than anybodies seen
if we were on the same shore, I would give you more
oh I’d give you more
I would give you more

“Do You Think of Me” and “Could Have Loved You” capture the unadulterated honesty and warmth lying at the core of FRETLAND’s art. According to Fretland, they also make for an ideal preview of what’s to come.

“I was revisiting the mixes on a drive to try and understand the message of this album and honestly just started to cry,” she says of the forthcoming second record. “There are a lot of personal moments for me in this album representing my fear, my hopefulness and my gratitude towards loves lost. I have a slight obsession towards “the why” of a relationship in dissolution. People are never the hero or the villain in my mind. In my formative years I had two parents that loved me and loved each other and failed each other. I have never stopped asking why.”

“For a long time I asked out of fear that it would happen to me. I wanted to protect myself with a deep understanding of people and myself so that I would never have to experience the pain I witnessed. I am still in the process of taking that wall down. I want to understand all parts of me that make me human so that I can share them, and so maybe someone somewhere recognizes themselves as the villain and learns to love themselves anyway. There’s so much shame in a failed relationship, we always want to know who’s at fault. It’s never been that simple for me.”

“Do You Think of Me” doesn’t give us any answers; only questions. It puts a wealth of feeling out into the world, and leaves us to figure out what to do with it all. A touching song, it truly finds FRETLAND at their best.

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Stream: “Do You Think of Me” – Fretland
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Do You Think Of Me - Fretland

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