Premiere: Gracie Nash’s Soulful “Sippy Cup” Takes on Modern Romance & the Ones Who Got Away

Gracie Nash © Punch Card Films
Gracie Nash © Punch Card Films
Singer/songwriter Gracie Nash paints a vivid scene of failed romance in her sweeping new single “Sippy Cup,” blending country influence with a classic pop flare to create an entrancing tale of seduction and disillusion.
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From Tinder memes and TV shows to TikTok videos and more, modern romance (or rather, romance-seeking) is a constant topic of cultural discussion, exploration, and dissection. Dating in the 21st Century looks and feels a lot more complicated than it did in years past – yet while some bad dates can certainly be attributed to technology, chemistry and connection remain our driving forces – and if one party isn’t trying or doesn’t care, your match-up is doomed from the start. Singer/songwriter Gracie Nash paints a vivid scene of failed romance in her sweeping new single “Sippy Cup,” blending country influence with a classic pop flare to create an entrancing tale of seduction and disillusion.

Sippy Cup - Gracie Nash
Sippy Cup – Gracie Nash
Can a banjo picker who’s a real good kisser
ever be a good idea?
Ever be a good idea? Not for me…
With his hair to his shoulders,
just a little bit older, couldn’t be a good idea
Couldn’t be a good idea, not possibly…
But his hands talked so pretty
And he knew every inch of this city
Through the orange wine and his well-spun lines
Had me prayin’ he would give it to me one last time

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Sippy Cup,” Gracie Nash’s third single (independently out now). A singer/songwriter based in New York City, Nash debuted last summer with the high-flying pop-soul single “Better Off,” a dramatic outpouring of inner strength and effervescence that evokes the Motown sounds of old with its gorgeous string flourishes and elegant use of brass. Following last September’s sophomore single “The Belly Song,” “Sippy Cup” arrives this December as Nash’s first offering of 2020 and her third overall release. Once again defying genre, Nash injects pop, country, soul, and more into an intimate four-minute indulgence.

Gracie Nash "Sippy Cup" © Michael Kushner Photography
Gracie Nash “Sippy Cup” © Michael Kushner Photography

Dedicated to a one-time romance with a banjo and less-than-stellar attitude, “Sippy Cup” finds Nash reminiscing over an old fling who helped her find new words for old dating frustrations. “I wrote “Sippy Cup” about three years ago when I was in the midst of the NYC dating scene,” Nash tells Atwood Magazine. “I had met a few nice guys, however the same issue kept creeping up: transparency. If you know me, you know that I’m the epitome of an open book. I treasure honesty and transparency so much in all my relationships…and yet I found myself swept up in these unfulfilling flings with mysterious and aloof men. One of the most notable romances was with a smooth-talking banjo player who constantly kept me on my toes. Inevitably, the affair fizzled out. At first I wondered what was wrong with me, why didn’t he want to open up to me? But upon reflection… I realized it wasn’t me at all.”

She continues, “I was catching up with my cousin and he asked me what had ever happened with the banjo player. Without skipping a beat I said “You know, it was like, I was a glass of water… and he was just a sippy cup.” And as the words came out of my mouth, I knew that line had to go into a song. I imagine most people have dated a Sippy Cup at some point or another. While we’re trying to start clear and healthy relationships (a la a glass of water), we end up paired with a small and opaque person (a la a sippy cup). It happens to the best of us! I hope that my song “Sippy Cup” helps those who are looking for love have a good laugh at the ones who got away.”

“PS. Just in case said banjo player is reading this…it’s water under the bridge and I truly wish him the best! If anything I’m grateful for the song inspiration!”

Nash’s portrait is fully realized in a soaring chorus, where layers of dazzling harmony support her shining voice:

But I was a glass of water and he was just a sippy cup
A sippy cup, filled with something sweet
And I gave more than I oughta, but still it never was enough
Never was enough, cuz you can’t get much from a sippy cup
Ooooh Ooooh
No you can’t get much from a sippy cup
Gracie Nash © Punch Card Films
Gracie Nash © Punch Card Films

Directed by Ed Hellman and produced by Katie Staab of Punch Card Films, the “Sippy Cup” music video accentuates the dig at playboys everywhere. Shot at Brooklyn music venue and nightclub Elsewhere, the video highlights this stinging nonchalance around dating with a tongue-in-cheek smile – ultimately breaking into a good time group dance that, like Nash’s music, adds a dash of Southern comfort and style.

For a new voice on the horizon, Nash writes with a certain timeless Golden Era grace. Citing musical inspiration from great like Billy Joel, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and ELO, she makes music that is at once intimate to her story, but equally relatable and ready-made for outside connection. “Sippy Cup” is the latest in the rising artist’s repertoire, and we can’t wait to hear more from her in the months and years to come.

For now, stream “Sippy Cup” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Sippy Cup” – Gracie Nash

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Sippy Cup - Gracie Nash

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