Premiere: Lux Pacific’s Debut “Edge of Horizon” Radiates with West Coast Warmth

Lux Pacific © 2017
Lux Pacific © 2017

The word ‘paradise’ holds many an interpretation. When I close my eyes, I often think about warm, beachy vibes and a sparkling sunshine that bathes me in a pristine light. It’s the sort of natural glistening that rejuvenates and inspires, always evoking a big, bright smile. Lux Pacific captures that feeling of paradise in debut single “Edge of Horizon,” a feelgood dedication to the West Coast.

Listen: “Edge of Horizon” – Lux Pacific
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Edge of Horizon,” the luxurious debut single from LA-based producer/vocalist Lux Pacific. The project of Midwest-cum-California DJ-artist James Ruehlman, Lux Pacific waxes dreamy beats over hazy synths, pan flutes and chimes to craft a sound that screams “West Coast chic;” it wouldn’t be surprising to find this song introducing next year’s summer styles down the runway.

Currents - Lux Pacific
Currents – Lux Pacific

In addition to being his first-ever release, “Edge of Horizon” also serves as the lead single off Lux Pacific’s debut EP, fittingly titled Currents. “‘Edge of Horizon’ is the song that inspired this whole EP and really defined my sound,” the artist explains. “Ever since moving to the West Coast, I had been trying to capture the natural beauty of this place in my music. It’s the first track that has the same magic that I felt while driving down the PCH as the sun sets.” For those who have not driven down the Pacific Coast Highway in sunset, the view of the pearly beaches and lapping waves on the route’s west side is completed with the absolutely stunning waterfront property to the east. Breathtaking is a relative descriptor, but it’s hard not to gasp at such an exquisite expanse.

In music journalism, we refer to a “California sound” as music having a laid-back rhythm and an airy, open feeling. Guitars, keyboards and other melodic instruments might echo with a lazy reverb, or swell with brightness and full textures. Whatever it is about this music, Americans are somehow pre-programmed to associate these aural devices with the oases out West – and it is in this capacity that Lux Pacific manages to cultivate the quintessential California vibe. His carefully-blended cocktail of samples and melodies ebb and flow like waves on a beach, or the hot sun as it soars through the clear blue sky.

Folks are sure to call this song a “gem,” but sparkling as it may be, this is a coastal tune – an “interpretation” of California’s majestic beauty. It is Ruehlman’s way of giving back to the paradise that has given him so much, providing him with inspiration for Lux Pacific and the perfect backdrop for smile-inducing music.

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Currents - Lux Pacific

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