This Just In: PHANGS Can’t Take His “Eyes Off You”

PHANGS © 2017
PHANGS © 2017

Deep inside a hazy club, cloaked in colors and smoke and other people’s sweat, you dance passionately and without respite. You’re not quite sure what song is playing, but you like it.

This song, you should hope, is “Eyes Off You,” the newest and most impressive gem to come from Nashville pop outfit PHANGS.

“Eyes Off You” introduces fans to the freshest and sunniest era of PHANGS; dubbed Happy SeasonHappy Season diverts from PHANGS previously well-known purple-and-blue aesthetic, instead opting for a red-and-yellow color scheme that feels like a definitive and tangible shift into a new and exciting future.

Listen: “Eyes Off You” – PHANGS

It’s certainly no secret that PHANGS is a definitive Atwood Magazine favorite. And with each new release, he just continuously proves exactly why we love him. PHANGS’ songs are pure pop goodness to the core: thoughtful, erudite, and notably well-crafted. The newest release, “Eyes Off You,” takes this purity, and implements it to sound all the more intriguing through a repetitive beat and whirring synths.

“Eyes Off You” expounds a narrative about a particularly enticing woman; an electrifying presence that can’t be ignored.

So nonchalant about it, yet you somehow flaunt it…

PHANGS is ultimately entranced, unable to deny nor escape the way that he feels in the moment. That’s not to say, however, that he even wants to escape it at all. There is a palpable and compelling thrill throughout the three-minute track; a flush of energized fascination in which the listener instantly connects and invests.

Eyes Off You - PHANGS
Eyes Off You – PHANGS

The song pays homage to pop music of yore with its story and its sound, which, PHANGS’ Jake Germany tells Atwood Magazine, was wholly intentional.

“It’s kinda like, my own personal version of ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by Michael [Jackson],” Germany says.

It’s evident as the song continues that Germany is captivated, and it seems deservedly so.

When you move
Offbeat to the rhythm
It’s true
That I can’t handle you
I feel like a victim with you 

“I wrote it [the song] about my fiancé and how naturally cool she is,” Germany explains, noting his real-life love, Hope Partlow.

The chemistry woven into the song itself provides enchantment to the prospective listener, and one feels whisked away into a night of flurry, carefree infatuation and excitement. “Eyes Off You” feels fleeting, yet fully assured; it is an anthem for all your best nights. PHANGS wants you to feel “lost in the moment,” nothing else matters. “Eyes Off You” only further proves PHANGS’ undeniable musical prowess, and exemplifies the impressive growth of Germany as a genuine pop artist.

Welcome to Happy Season.

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PHANGS © 2017

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