Premiere: Highland Park Collective’s Super Duper Love Song “Feel Like You Do” (Lyric Video)

Doesn’t love make you want to dance the night away? Highland Park Collective celebrate the euphoric spark of connection in their feel-good anthem “Feel Like You Do,” a vibrant alt-rock reverie.

Feel Like You Do - Highland Park Collective
Feel Like You Do – Highland Park Collective
If I put your lips in stone
And if I was inside your bones
I’ll make it work with just
your name on the tip of my tongue
If I fall, baby that’s okay

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the lyric video for “Feel Like You Do,” Highland Park Collective’s latest single (released December 7, 2018 via Dirty Canvas). The East Coast raised, West Coast-based four-piece of former Boy Like Girls bassist/vocalist Morgan Dorr, Ethan Dorr, Jamel Saibi, and Kevin McHugh, Highland Park Collective formed originally outside of Boston “and are just making a ton of weird music and art at our house,” in Dorr’s words. Highland Park Collective see themselves as bigger than a band, and over time they look forward to embracing their multi-disciplinary skill sets in new ways.

“Feel Like You Do” is the first release off Highland Park Collective’s new label Dirty Canvas (American Authors, Young Rising Sons). Rising from a cloudy alt-rock haze, the song quickly bursts into an impassioned chanted chorus that is as catchy as it is heartfelt. Dorr repeats the refrain a few times, slowly gaining energy with each passing repetition until the full band is a part of the frenzy.

I know that this hurts sometimes
And these words, are they yours or mine
I don’t know what you do
but you’re holding the whole world in place
If you fall, baby that’s okay

“This lyric video was made by a friend of ours Jiovanny Farias and our new label friends Dirty Canvas,” Morgan Dorr tells Atwood Magazine. “We teamed up with these guys to get this super duper love song out there.”

Feel Like You Do - Highland Park Collective
Feel Like You Do – Highland Park Collective

A super duper love song indeed. The song’s lyric video finds us gliding down a smoky, colorful, deserted cartoon street. Lyrics fly into view a few words at a time, highlighting this song’s incredible lyrical simplicity and serving as an important reminder that less is more. The darker visual contrasts with the song’s upbeat nature, but doesn’t quite feel out of place, either: Instead of being a pure love song, the visual evokes feelings of longing that may not be inherently present to one listening to the audio alone. In a sense, the lyric video offers a reinterpretation of “Feel Like You Do,” without transforming the actual song.

It’s just the latest in a series of exciting song released from Highland Park Collective, who “curate the expression of a creative lifestyle through different mediums of art, with a revolving door of talented individuals coming by the house to contribute towards the goal of creating original ideas and pushing culture forward.” The open-minded crew welcome experimentation, colaboration, and innovation. What more can we want in an emerging indie pop/alt-rock outfit?

A far cry from Boys Like Girls’ country pop 2012 album Crazy World (on which Morgan Dorr played bass), Highland Park Collective’s smooth, intoxicating lilt blends electronic, alternative, pop and rock elements into a vibrant, textured, and ambient bliss. Dorr’s artistic voice is still taking shape, but all signs point to more head-boppers in the group’s future as they trailblaze their own distinctive path.

Highland Park Collective are entering 2019 on the feel-good waves full of warmth and tenderness; what a truly great place to be. Stream the band’s new lyric video, exclusively on Atwood Matazine!

“Feel Like You Do” – Highland Park Collective

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Feel Like You Do - Highland Park Collective

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