Our Take: London’s EASYFUN Shocks and Energizes With New ‘ELECTRIC EP’


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Surprise! “Speed Drive” songwriter and producer EASYFUN brings buzzy hyper-pop sound with his newly-released, all-caps ‘ELECTRIC’ EP.

This artist is bringing fun back to electronic music.

Finn Keane, known professionally as EASYFUN, is a songwriter and producer best known for collaborating with other chart-topping musicians. His self-titled EP was PC Music’s first-ever release about 10 years ago.

Now, this artist returns with solo work, releasing ELECTRIC EP and its tracks “Audio,” “HARDPAIN,” “No Body,” “carelesscarelesscareless,” “Be Your USA,” and “Know Who You Are.”


These are heavy, production-driven tracks. They’re typically upbeat, leaning on an almost hyper-pop/experimental pop sound, although that’s not surprising considering some of Keane’s colleagues.

According to a press release, this EP comes “fresh after producing Charli XCX’s “Speed Drive” track for Barbie: The Album [and] having exec-produced Bree Runway’s EP WOAH, WHAT A BLUR (including Stormzy), and as Thy Slaughter with A. G. Cook.”

Additionally, the ACOUSTIC EP (out October 13, 2023), as a follow-up collection to ELECTRIC, features five new tracks. It highlights a different side of this producer, as does songs like “Know Who You Are” off the ELECTRIC collection.

ACOUSTIC is a new EASYFUN. ‘Know Who You Are’ from ELECTRIC says it all,” EASYFUN said in a statement. “More vocals, more guitars.”

For “Know Who You Are,” especially, EASYFUN shares personal and relatable lyrics, revealing he doesn’t “want to know anyone” or be “too vulnerable.”

Yeah, yeah,
I’m not the one to judge but I’d rather be alone,
Yeah, yeah,
I may be out of touch when you know you really know,
Yeah, yeah,
Not the one to judge but I’d rather be alone,
Yeah, yeah,
I may be out of touch when you know you really know.
– “Know Who You Are,” EASYFUN

Even if “Know Who You Are” explores deeper topics, it upholds that common, “electrifying” thread through the entire EP. A true standout is “Be Your USA” featuring Iiris, which earned over 4 million Spotify plays since its debut.

EASYFUN, just like the name suggests, is music for a good time. For dancing at a sweaty club with your vodka soda or running on the treadmill.

Most songs aren’t accompanied by incredibly insightful and imagery-inducing lyrics, but that doesn’t make EASYFUN’s ELECTRIC EP any less complex. And that attention to detail shines through in the meticulous production.

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