Premiere: Fake Shape Get Real Jazzy in Debut “Headspace”

Fake Shape © David Caleb Courtney 2019
Fake Shape © David Caleb Courtney 2019
Emerging Ontario band Fake Shape dwell in nostalgia’s heat in “Headspace,” a groovy debut single full of rock, soul, and jazzy warmth.
Stream: “Headspace” – Fake Shape
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That song comes on and I get in a feeling…

It’s said that every time we reflect on a memory, we don’t remember the actual memory, but that instead we remember the last time we remembered it – like looking at a picture of an event, rather than being at the actual event itself. Every time we think back on the same thing, we get a little bit farther away from it: A little more distanced from the past.

Is it any wonder, then, that we look back with rose-colored glasses; that we see our yesterdays in a better light, feeling more fondly than we felt in the moment? Emerging Ontario band Fake Shape dwell in nostalgia’s heat in “Headspace,” a groovy debut single full of rock, soul, and jazzy warmth.

Headspace - Fake Shape
Headspace – Fake Shape
Don’t look now
We’ll be alright
Keep me in your headspace
And I’ll keep you in mine
We’ll feel the same
When I get back again
She finds me in the kitchen
Always trying to tease me
Always sitting by my side
And looking at me
Don’t know if she’s into me
Or just someone new

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Headspace,” the first-ever song release from Hamilton, Ontario five-piece Fake Shape and the lead single off their forthcoming debut EP, Night Swim. Consisting of Chester Edington, David Baldry, Seth Hunter, Olivia Brown, and Mackenzie Read, Fake Shape deliver a soulful indie rock sound in their first release, introducing us to vibe we can’t wait to feel again and again.

“Our new song, “Headspace,” captures the beginnings of our collaboration as a band,” Fake Shape tell Atwood Magazine. “Before Fake Shape had formed, our bandmate Chester set a goal of writing and recording a song in a single week. This is that song. Our bandmate David added to the arrangement, changing the song’s tone and cementing the band’s collaborative process.”

The band continue, “‘Headspace’ is a snapshot, looking back on relationships and navigating through rose-coloured memories. Listen to this song and imagine riding a bike on a hot summer day.”

Nostalgia floods our mind with warm energy and positive vibes as Fake Space dwell in jazzy grooves and soulful swells.

The song feels at times like a jam that was given lyrics and a verse structure, and at other moments like a fully thought-out, well-architected sculpture of sound. Fake Shape wash a wave of palpable emotion over their listeners, pushing feeling through their multiple guitars and echoey, full vocal harmonies.

This band’s story is only just beginning, but we’re excited to watch Fake Shape grow. Stream their debut single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Headspace” – Fake Shape
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Headspace - Fake Shape

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