‘ALL i’ve HEARD’: whiterosemoxie Shares His Musical Influences, New Songs “stains” & “Ring the Alarm”

whiterosemoxie © Greg Gouvia
whiterosemoxie © Greg Gouvia
Detroit native whiterosemoxie has been shaking up the scene for two years now, consistently pushing boundaries as he finds his voice in the melodic rap and trap space.
‘ALL i’ve HEARD’ – whiterosemoxie

Detroit native whiterosemoxie has been shaking up the scene for two years now, consistently pushing boundaries as he finds his voice in the melodic rap and trap space.

moxie’s third multitrack single ALL i’ve HEARD builds upon his previous works – 2020’s white ceilings and grae ceilings – finding the 19-year-old artist spilling himself into a series of tracks full of passion, honesty, introspection, and vulnerability.

'ALL i've HEARD' - whiterosemoxie
‘ALL i’ve HEARD’ – whiterosemoxie
I know I ain’t the same
And I know it ain’t gon’ change
They can’t replace my veins
I can’t erase my stains
I know I ain’t the same
And I know shit ain’t gon’ change
They can’t re-make my name
I can’t erase my stains

Released March 26 via 300 Entertainment, ALL i’ve HEARD adds two new songs – – “Ring the Alarm” (produced by Roy Lenzo) and “Stains” (produced by WZRDBLD) – to the fast-expanding whiterosemoxie catalog. The six-track, 16-minute single is the latest offering from an artist with a unique approach to his releases: Starting with early February’s GIVE or TAKE, moxie has been releasing two tracks with their own umbrella title every three weeks. His pitch to fans is that, as they follow his releases in real time, they can choose their favorite of those two tracks, that their selections will ultimately comprise moxie’s fully fan-curated 2021 debut album.

According to moxie’s team, “the pre-album release singles [are] presented visually with branding that points towards a concept of a tally/loyalty card system. The framework set out will allow moxie to replicate this imagery across any “loosie” or singles he decides to release. Each single will be accompanied by a “tally” on a grid. The symbols and iconography used will have the freedom to vary with each release, depending on where moxie is in his career and frame of mind. A rose for the beginning, symbolizing the inception.”

whiterosemoxie in Los Angeles
whiterosemoxie in Los Angeles

A dynamic and innovative artist, whiterosemoxie is as thoughtful about his release calendar as he is about his music.

“stains” and “Ring the Alarm” radiate light and fervent energy as both songs add a bit of West Coast warmth to the Midwesterner’s oeuvre. “‘stains’ came from me being in LA for the first time for an extended period of time,” moxie tells Atwood Magazine. “My first business link up. This song solidified how crazy ready I am feeling for everything. This was my first session with producer wzrdbld and this is the first song we made. Similarly to the magic that unfolded from his one take song ‘trix’. First time’s a charm for moxie, I guess!”

Meanwhile, “‘Ring the Alarm’ makes me feel like Cali. It just feels like driving down the hills or walking down Sunset Blvd during the day. Sky is bright blue, not too hot out, just perfect.’ ‘Ring The Alarm’ was bred out of a trip to Los Angeles where I was locked in at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La studios with the Take A Daytrip Crew. Produced by Roy Lenzo, the song sonically embodies the inevitable chill West Coast vibes.”

moxie cites the below eight albums as having a major influence on his own art:

      • Miss Education (album) Lauryn Hill
      • The Blueprint (album) Jay Z
      • 808s and Heartbreak (album) Kanye West
      • Songs in the Key of Life (album) Stevie Wonder
      • Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (album) Travis Scott
      • Die Lit (album) Playboy Carti
      • Dark Sky Paradise (album) Big Sean
      • Goodbye & Good Riddance (album) Juice Wrld

As fast-rising as his own career has been, it may be no time at all until whiterosemoxie records are showing up on the next generation’s influential lists. For now, ALL i’ve HEARD adds two compelling new songs to the moxie catalog. Fans will have their hands full deciding between the urgent fervor and visceral feeling behind “stains,” and the laid-back, sun-drenched effervescence of “Ring the Alarm” – but no matter what the outcome, whiterosemoxie’s thrilling ascent continues.

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'ALL i've HEARD' - whiterosemoxie

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