Premiere: Firewoodisland’s Breathtakingly Beautiful Tempest, “Storm”

Firewoodisland © 2019
Firewoodisland © 2019
Firewoodisland mirror natural and emotional volatility in their breathtaking new song “Storm,” a quaking tempest full of stirring indie folk beauty.
for fans of Bon Iver, Dustin Tebbutt, Novo Amor
Stream: “Storm” – Firewoodisland
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Nature is a fragile beast: Wild and powerful, yet utterly vulnerable. It’s symbolic of life itself, as well as our own humanity. Our physical and emotional states are in constant flux: Susceptible to every aspect of our surrounding environments, to the people we’re with to weather out side, and the work on our plates. Firewoodisland mirror natural and emotional volatility in their breathtaking new song “Storm,” a quaking tempest full of stirring indie folk beauty.

Storm - Firewoodisland
Storm – Firewoodisland
It’s cold, yet still so warm

Like fire dancing with snow
It’s moving wildly, whelming you
Let go, you can be in the storm
Let go, you can scream in the storm
Give in, or let go
Give in, or let go

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Storm,” Firewoodisland’s breathtaking first single of 2019. The Bristol-based project of Norwegian/Welsh multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri, Firewoodisland formed nearly a decade ago as Vedøy’s solo project and slowly morphed into the duo it is today. Debut EP ILD released in 2014, followed by 2016’s Dome EP and finally 2018’s debut album Chaos Is The State of Heart.

Firewoodisland mastered their spectacular brand of intimate indie folk over the past decade, and nowhere does that come across with more strength than on their intimate tempest, “Storm.” A transformative work of art, the song layers pianos atop each other along with other sonic nuances to create a moving soundscape akin to those of Novo Amor, Dustin Tebbutt, Bon Iver, and SYML. Stian Vedøy’s high vocals send shivers down the spine as he sings, soft and serene, yet with bounds of passionate urgency. He emotes with deep intent: These words need to be heard, and they need to be listened to now:

In chaos, find the eye

Let stillness reside

It’s moving slowly, calming you

Breath in, you can be in the storm
Breath out, you can scream in the storm
Give in, or let go
Give in, or let go
Firewoodisland © 2019
Firewoodisland © 2019

“The idea for ‘Storm’ and most of the song shot down like lightning in the autumn of 2018,” Vedøy tells Atwood Magazine. “The weather was behaving really strangely and our neighbourhood ended up being the centre of a storm. This ironically mirrored our personal lives in a stressful and chaotic season. ‘Storm’ is about being able to accept and abide in the turbulent circumstances that you’re in, and not to be consumed by them.”

Firewoodisland blend moving vocal harmonies together alongside their array of live and electronic instruments as their soulful, poignant atmosphere descends on the ears. “Storm” implores us to think critically of our internal and external qualities: It moves us to be more aware of ourselves and of others. We live a clearer life when we know how we are being affected by things — more so than just reacting at whim and letting what happens, happen. In short, “Storm” is a call to account – a masterful wake-up siren for us to “give in, or learn to let go.”

We can’t exactly transform ourselves, but we can forever grow from understanding ourselves better.

The wilder the storm
The quicker it goes
So give in or learn to let go

Give in, or let go
Give in, or let go

Life is a constant waveform of intertwined moments of turmoil and calm. We ride that wave to and fro as our everyday experiences impact our behaviors and mood. Firewoodisland open us to the reality that we are as vulnerable as leaves on trees during a storm: Subject to fall at a moment’s notice, should the wind strike us just right. The weight of our reality is a heavy one, yet it hits with absolute perfection in Firewoodisland’s new music. Discover more of this absolutely incredible artist-to-watch through the links below, and stream the breathtaking “Storm” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Storm” – Firewoodisland
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Storm - Firewoodisland

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